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In my Creative Writing Exercise Workbook I teach several ways to help you accelerate your search for what type of writing you prefer and help you get started.There are 57 exercises which allow you to try different types of writing to see which ones appeal to you. I encourage you to try all of them.

If you would like to find out more about writing which can help you realize your dream to become an author, you can find that information in this material.

You may be surprised when you try a type of writing you had not considered before only to discover you really want to do that type of writing which is called a genre (john-rah).

Communicating through writing will give you a complete understanding of how to use a step by step process to start and sustain your writing.

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If you have considered writing, you might want to research genres (categories or different types of writing) to see which area you would enjoy. You can write in more than one genre.

For a description of many genres visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_writing_genres

There are many advantages to learning to write. Publishing is an option, but not required for you to be successful as a writer.

The key is to get started and to have fun.

Procrastination Comes in Many Disguises

Many good reasons to delay a project  and procrastination comes in many disguises.

Are You Plagued with Procrastination?

Suppose you’re one of the few people who do not experience the plague of the problem of procrastination. In that case, be blessed beyond all measure.  This thief of time can quietly rob you of precious minutes, yea hours, before you realize they’re gone.  Your search for them and wonder where the time has gone, but it’s too late.

The task you intended to complete today that you put off until tomorrow and there was good reason to do so, but you can’t remember why just now.  Procrastination comes in many disguises.  It’s called rationalization sometimes.   You say, “I didn’t get started on that project because the weather was too hot or I didn’t have all the parts.”  One can always come up with many good reasons to delay a project.

Review your habits

Procrastination can become a habit. If you keep putting off getting new habits, then procrastination will be your constant companion.  We find ways to delay a task because there are other things more important to do.  Many times these are merely excuses such as checking your email, playing an online game, or surfing the TV to see if you’re missing something interesting.

You must recognize a real reason to delay instead of just an excuse not to do something you don’t want to do.  Ask yourself if that job can wait. If your answer is no, then get it done and then reward yourself for a victory over procrastination.  When the job is complete, step back and assess what you’ve done to see if it was worth the time and effort.  Perhaps you were procrastinating for a good reason, but that’s rarely the case.

Need direction?

Lack of direction can cause you to procrastinate because you’re not sure what to do next.

Disorganization could be the father of procrastination.  Get organized with a to-do list with the most urgent at the top.  Make a deal with yourself not to do anything else until you accomplish at least one thing on the list.  You can make giant strides with tiny steps.

Where is the elephant?

Massive projects can be daunting, whether you’re writing a book or building a house.  You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel because the elephant is standing in the way.  Cut a slice out of that elephant one day at a time, and soon it will be gone.  A small manageable task is much more palatable than trying to swallow the entire project.  No matter how little success, it’s another step toward completion.

What needs to be done?

Decide on what needs to be done and do it.  Even if it’s wrong, at least you’ve done something.  Indecision can cause significant delays in both your business and personal life.  It’s easier to decide if you create a list of the pros and cons of what you need to do.  Once you have a clear direction, your mind clears, and the path becomes apparent.

Time to get started

Fear of failure can cause procrastination.  The failure lies in never getting started.  Difficult and dreaded tasks are rarely as bad as they seem at the beginning.  Stop procrastinating today.  Please don’t put it off until tomorrow. Procrastination comes in many disguises so be watchful about what is happening so you can adjust.

To Lead a Healthy and Productive Life

Feed your body what is needed to be at its best   to lead a healthy and productive life.

When your body isn’t getting the foods and nutrients it needs to function correctly, then don’t expect your brain to respond the right way when it’s called upon, either.  You need to lead a healthy and productive life.

Some people spend more money and time feeding the right diet to their pets or selecting proper additives for their cars than they do for themselves. All of this story applies to your brain and body and applies to your story characters.

Your brain feeds on the foods you provide your body and if you’re continuing to eat an unhealthy diet. Unhealthy eating causes your body to slow down, then so does your brain.  A change to your brain comes on very slowly, and you notice that the blame falls on aging when you are older.

An aging brain

When the brain ages, the memory fades, and it loses the ability to help itself.  It becomes easy prey for oxidation and inflammation, which can kill the brain cells. When you want to lead a healthy and productive life, it’s imperative to tune your body and mind so that both are functioning efficiently.

Of course, you need to exercise, keep your blood pressure in check, get proper rest, and work to get seven hours of sleep each night minimum.  If you smoke, stop.  And, concentrate on a diet that’s rich in mind and body enhancing nutrients.  Use supplements to support natural foods to obtain the best and longer-lasting results.

Learning from plants

We can learn a lesson from plants.  They produce antioxidants to protect themselves from diseases, pollution, and other harmful elements in the environment.  So, we should ingest foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits and berries, including grapes, cherries, apples, plums, and oranges. Blueberries and cranberries have proven to be exceptionally high in antioxidants that aid in memory retention.

Vegetables high in antioxidants include green vegetables and leafy such as broccoli, spinach, kale, beets, Brussel sprouts, red, yellow, green bell peppers, garlic onions.  All of these vegetables are rich in the nutrients desired.  Collard greens, chard, and turnips are also high in antioxidants but not as much as their cousins.

Take Omega 3 fatty acids. They are in salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, and sardines.  Seafood has B vitamins. B vitamins are in dairy products, eggs, spinach, carrots, and various nuts and seeds.

Have some spice in your life

Some spices are also excellent in providing a better memory and healthy body by improving your motor skills and aiding your brain to communicate and regenerate.

Curcumin, found in ginger and curry, has been said to aid in preventing memory loss.  Rosemary, both dried and fresh, stimulates and enhances memory while calming your nerves and promoting a healthy circulatory system.

Attention Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers, there is good news.  Recent studies show that caffeinated coffee in moderation helps prevent memory loss and stimulate brainwave activity.  The studies showed it to be more effective in helping women than men.  Maintaining a healthy body and mind with a balanced diet will not only help you to excel today but enable you to carry on with an enviable existence throughout life.

Learn The Skills That Bring Excellence

How a Life Coach Can Impact Your Lifetime dreams by giving you help to learn the skills that bring excellence. Living a remarkable life is a skill that can be acquired.

Acquiring Life Skills

You often need help to learn the skills that bring excellence.  If you desire to learn or become more proficient in, find the different ways.   When you want to become good at anything, you can take lessons from a pro.  If you’re going to become a better singer, you perhaps hire a voice coach.

When we want to be better at a skill, we think nothing of paying someone to teach us what to do. That includes everything from cooking, writing, or working with a professional trainer.

Coach or Trainer

Hiring a coach is helpful.  Of course, we can attempt to teach ourselves through lots of practice, books, and videos.  If we’re serious about furthering a need or talent, we often must seek professional assistance.

Learning how to live life can be viewed differently.  Living life is what we were born to do.  Yet, we flounder, struggle, strive for goals, miss the mark, experience failure, and often accept defeat. People think life should come easy, and they should handle whatever life throws at them.  Handling life is a good theory, but life can be a formidable opponent.

Most people aren’t even aware that life coaches specialize in all areas of living life abundantly.  Coaching includes a career as well as personal.  Coaches can advise you in relationships with your spouse, significant other, or family members.

Find the Benefits

The extra benefit of a life coach is they can assist you in making decisions you refuse to make for yourself.  You often don’t even realize what decisions need considering, and a life coach can help you crystallize your thoughts and dreams.

An essential first step before hiring a life coach is to be sure that you are ready to move forward.  Ask yourself, am I willing to accept any direction.  If you prepare, it will be much easier for them to look at where you are and where you want to be. If you’re frustrated with your life but have no idea how to get out of your rut, they can assist you.

Am I willing

Living the life you want can come with a price tag.  If you’re willing to pay the price in money, effort, and dedication, then it’s time to define your life on your terms and take control.  You understand you’ve reached the point in your life that you must feel happier and that life can be rich and dreams realized.

It’s okay to need help. The world we live in today can be complicated.  A life coach can help you set personal goals, get you off square one, and explain what is next.  A coach can be powerful when you’re ready to work with him or her.

Build a Better Tomorrow

Life coaching is not a therapy session. He or she is not there to help you heal wounds of the past but assist you in building a better tomorrow.  If you blame others for your problems, perhaps therapy is a better option.  If you’re ready to take responsibility for where you are today, then a life coach can help improve your life and take you to the next level.






Communicate in a Positive and Tender Way

Improving relationships that need your TLC

Is there a relationship so real and pure that there isn’t a conflict from time to time? Maybe.  But it isn’t very likely.  No matter who is in the relationship, clashes occur once in a while. It is important to communicate in a positive and tender way.

It can be a difference of opinion with your spouse, a friend, children, a teacher, or even your minister. Beliefs fill our lives, and not all those beliefs or opinions will agree with you.

The U is understanding

That’s when you need to reach deep and pull up your tender loving care or TLC.  We’ve all heard about TLC. We have needed it more than once.  It can be useful to add a U to TLC, making it TLCU.  The U is understanding.

One of the first steps in improving relationships is understanding the problem.  Once you know the problem or the underlying cause of the disagreement, you’re more likely to be generous with your TLCU.

You might remember the movie, Love Story. It introduced the idea about love that it means not having to say you are sorry.  Other films have said that if you love someone, you would not in the first place have hurt them.

Improving relationships that need your TLC

No person is always totally right and no-one is ever totally wrong.  Step back and begin to view the situation from your friend’s perspective, eyes, and heart.  They might feel as you do that they were right, and you were wrong.  When you take their stand, you understand the situation from a different point of view or angle. It broadens your perception, ideas, and even ideals.

Remember, it has to be more than you being right.  Sure, it may be a matter of your pride, but just being right is not enough if you genuinely respect the other person.  It would be best if you appreciate your friend’s self-respect and dignity.  They deserve and expect your empathy as you deserve theirs.

Attempt to understand and empathize with the other person with more than words.  It’s easy for you to say that you know how they feel. Still, when it’s only words you are saying, and then you’re no closer to improving the relationship than before.  If there is something that you can do physically, do that.  When the argument is about anything tangible, show your sincerity by bringing it into play

Listen to others

Communicate, and then listen to what they have to say.  Always communicate in a positive and tender way without being accusatory.  Even if you’re sure they are wrong, do not make them feel like they are responsible.  Keep everything happy and cheerful. Allow them to explain any disagreement from their point of view.  It’s more about not just being right if you put a value on your relationship.

Please show your appreciation for them and express your forgiveness.  To forgive another person is to be forgiven yourself.  There is more to life than unimportant, trivial matters.  Learn to compromise.  Forgiveness and compromise take a lot of practice.

You may find you want to blame others, but examine yourself.  Blame is frequently a shared responsibility between both people. Always keep your expectations high.  Be realistic but expect to improve the relationship.  You may have to give more than you get.  Giving TLC becomes more comfortable with TLCU.


It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than Perfect

It doesn’t get any better than perfect

It doesn’t get any better than perfect.  If a project or task is perfect, then it’s the most we could have imagined.  Perfection is what we all should strive to achieve.  Employers often seek employees who make every effort to get it right.  Is this how you act?

These thoughts most people have about perfectionists and perfectionism.  Well, in theory, it is good; but in reality, perfectionism has many setbacks.  The dictionary definition says perfection is an unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence.  It’s the process or act of perfecting something to a level that most of us refuse to attain.

Perfectionism-Blessing or a Challenge

Perfectionism is when someone strives toward a usually impossibly high and goal won’t accept anything lessIf the goal is less than perfect, it seems not acceptable. 

If anyone else does a better job, the perfectionist can become depressed and useless on the next assignment or project.  Perfectionists are not happy with being outdone. They avoid finishing a job with imperfection. They would instead do nothing rather than risk not meeting their perfect standards.


everything is OKIf described as a perfectionist and want to change that, you need aware of this tendency and the potential problems.  It can be a challenge or a blessing.  It depends on how you handle it.

People see perfectionism as laziness.  A perfectionist may delay getting started on a task because you’re working on getting it done correctly.  Work does not begin because you’re spending time planning every minute detail.

Perfectionists often are procrastinators, and these behaviors can be true.

  • put off working because the job may seem too big
  • may be overwhelmed by the magnitude
  • don’t feel you can do it well in the time you have
  • won’t settle for a vague estimate
  • aren’t getting detailed figures before you are expected to start

If you’re working for someone else, you have to get at least things done each day.  Set some deadlines for yourself on a portion of the project. And see that you meet these deadlines regardless of whether it is up to your specifications.

What is unacceptable to you may be perfectly fine for others.  To help with your deadlines, you might be wise to ask someone to keep a check with you to be sure you are staying on a doable time table.

You can learn to be more flexible and bend your standards until you compromise with your boss.  You can allow yourself to do a less than perfect job and then listen to your friends’ and co-workers’ critiques.  They’ll probably wonder how it could have been any higher quality.

If you concentrate on the work as you complete each step, don’t concern yourself with the finished project.

The task you’ve tackled will eventually be complete when you do this. You’ll find you can function with perfectionism in a less than perfect world.


We Were Encouraged to Win and Be The Best

Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Mind?

We can experience competition throughout our entire life, and it starts at a very early age. We were encouraged to win and be the best.  Frequently we think of competitions related to sporting events, but they happen in many areas of our lives.

Are you a competitive writer?

Are you a competitive writer? Think about the topic areas you write in and see if you have someone you are trying to outdo in that area of writing. Comparison with another writer does not allow you to write at your best.

Knowing about the competitions and tendencies of those in this kind of light can help you add those variations to your stories and add engaging content around your scene in your book or article.

Competition is good for business

Professors of economics will teach you that competition is good for business, especially for the consumer. Competition keeps a company or person on his best behavior. Companies offer the best products they can produce. They often compete to make better products than other competitors in their field.

Competition is a contest between two rivals and two or more parties’ effort to secure a third party’s business by offering the most favorable terms for items.

We get our first taste of competition as a baby when we compete for exclusive attention from our mother. Competition continues as we grow older and compete for recognition from our siblings or classmates.

During our school years, we were always encouraged to win and be the best. Many schools teach it’s better to play a good game and not so necessary to win or be the best. Which is better could make for a long debate.

It’s challenging to be competitive without being jealous. Jealous is being intolerant of rivalry and vigilant in guarding a possession. The dictionary also describes being jealous as distrustfully watchful and suspicious. Some of these qualities are not ones we want to cultivate.

Competition may be advantageous to a point

As we become competitive and jealous, we learn to believe that another person’s success lessens our own. In business, we want that exclusive contract with X Company. As a person, we demand complete love from our mate. We may want a bigger house and a fancier car than a neighbor. Competition may be advantageous to a point as long as it doesn’t render us jealous and possessive.

We must think of the world as abundantly filled with enough for everyone. If we don’t have as much as our business associates and neighbors, we should be happy for their success and help them achieve more if possible. It’s impossible to help others achieve without helping ourselves at the same time.

We’re all born with our talents

We’re all born with our talents, and others have skills we’ll never possess. We’ll probably never win an Olympic gold medal, but we’re happy for those who do. We enjoy their accomplishments vicariously. Many watch athletic events and cheer on their team and celebrate their victory. We must do this in everyday life as well. All sports teams encourage their teams to win and be the best.

We were encouraged to win and be the best.

Learn from others who might be better than you and improve. Surround yourself with happy, successful people, and you’ll be happy and prosperous too. Strive not to be in competition and jealous of everyone but to work with everyone to achieve a common goal. If you lose something after you’ve done all you can to keep or gain it, try to be happy for whoever gained it.

You can be inspired with success, whether it’s yours or others. Strive to be the best but avoid jealousy. Enjoy life and each day in it. Not allowing your ego to get in the way of life filled with happiness in important. You are part of the world as a whole. Fill it the best you can. Remember, we were encouraged to win and be the best.

How to Experience Making Decisions

How to experience making decisions.

The power and importance of our decisions.  We have to learn how to experience making decisions so we can change our lives or the lives of our characters.

Making Clear, Conscious Decisions to Control Your Life

The following study of decision making can help you with your character dialogue to make it more authentic.

Humanity experiences the free choice of making decisions.  These decisions can either enrich our life or cause them to be worse.  Every day we make dozens, even hundreds of decisions, most without even thinking.

Daily we decide

  • when to get up
  • what to eat
  • what to wear
  • our destination or what route to take to work

These choices happen routinely.

  • Some require more insight
  • such as who to date
  • who to marry
  • where to vacation
  • the best car to buy
  • which neighborhood is best for schools and security

Whether major or minor, the decisions we make can affect our lives.   We have to make these life decisions.  Some approach decision making with reluctance and dread.  Sometimes we are afraid of the discovery of the consequences.  Sure, almost any decision we make could involve conflict and sometimes dissatisfaction.  We must decide to take control and accept whatever the outcome, bad or good.

Decision making is like paying a bill.  The bill must be paid and usually within a specific time frame.  If we’re late paying our electric bill, the consequences can be the discontinuance of power or a late fee.

The power and importance of our decisions

If you fail to decide on a time, it moves out of your hands.  It then can be placed in the hands of others.  Avoiding decisions or avoiding paying bills may seem more comfortable, but results are rarely desirable.

The power and importance of our decisions Why must you make a decision?                  Identify the purpose, determine what has to be solved and when.  It might make the problem more evident if you make a pro and con list.  Study the plan and the different choices and evaluate each in terms of consequences.  If I decide what will happen and if I make another decision, this is the result.

Decisions we make can affect our lives

Determine the best decision, evaluate the outcome, and make the decision.  People can often criticize for making the wrong decision. Still, you’ve done the best you can with all the information available, and you moved forward.  You made a decision.  You did something before being run over from behind.  The only people who avoid criticism are those who do nothing.

A critical decision can alter your life.  Accept this fact and approach it with eagerness.  In the movie Sliding Doors, a woman’s life changes dramatically because she failed to make it through a sliding door.

The movie allows us to see how she handles each set of circumstances. The movie is probably an over-dramatization, but it illustrates the power and importance of our decisions.

We make dozens of decisions without even thinking

Gather information on the decision to be made, determine the best alternative, and put that decision into action.  Look back only to learn from your past choices but don’t dwell on them.  Move ahead and focus on your future.  Decision making requires a plan. If you don’t know where you’re going, then one decision is as right as the other.

It’s a good feeling to make a conscious decision about yourself and your life. Each time you do this, the process becomes more comfortable, and your confidence builds.  Commit, make a difference, and take control of your life.

We have to learn how to experience making decisions so we can change our lives or the lives of our characters.

Journaling Also Gives Clarity To Your Problems

Journaling Also Gives Clarity To Your Problems

Look at the ideas from a new angle or perspective.

The Power Behind Regular Journaling

As you review journaling, how could you use your journals to enhance your characters?

How could you use your problem-solving methods to write how your characters could problem solve. Using your journals is a short-cut to adding authenticity to your writing. It is easy to add to your plot and give depth to your writing.

Let’s review journaling.

I am thankful for journaling and those who regularly do that. If our ancestors had not journaled, we would have lost much of history forever. We owe so much of our knowledge to our forefathers. We thank those who took made the time to make additions to their journals.

It was common for ship captains to keep daily logs while they were at sea. Many of our founding fathers kept journals as they formed our new nation. Long before that, scroll records with quill and ink.

Even hieroglyphics line the ancient tombs of the pharaohs giving us an insight into their lives. Cave dwellers recorded their history in caves. Where would we be now if it were not for those journals?

You may think, “Sure, that’s all well and good for others, but I don’t have time — and even if I could find the time, nothing of any importance ever happens to me.”

Keeping journals for yourself provides value and what they can do for you regardless of your life position. That is enough of a reason. Your children and grandchildren will learn a lot about you from the journal you may start writing today.

We always think we’ll never forget what we did on a specific date. Or why you decided to buy that item you always wanted.

Mo Abraham said: “The faintest ink is better than the most retentive mind.”

Writing down your thoughts and actions is easy, and one of the most compelling ways to remember and record your personal life.

Your brain thinks in a sequence of events. To the brain, everything has its place and is in order. The mind is capable of processing many thoughts at any given time and moment. As you could imagine, the ideas are like complete sentences that contain a beginning, then middle, and then an end.

Writing down your journal’s thoughts allows you to break free of your sequential thinking and look at the ideas from a new angle or perspective. View your thinking and problems from several angles. From a higher perspective, you will find no fences and also no boundaries. Your thinking can be set free with no restraints or any typical limits.

Journaling also gives clarity to your problems. It allows you to see and substantiate your progress. It’s easy to think you are making no progress, and there is nothing of importance that happened until you look at and reread your journal later. A situation you may have thought impossible to solve will suddenly present itself with a solution when you view the words you have written.

Be as specific as you can when making entries. It may seem unimportant to you at the time. However, later, you will see how everything came together and how events are still occurring when you look at the big picture. Write down your goals, intentions, obstacles, challenges, what you liked, and what you disliked. Make some notes of people who helped you and those who likely will be in your future.

You can create a journal as a book. Another way is to make the journal on your computer. There is software for this purpose that can help you. A journal might give you direction.

  • It shows where you have been
  • where you are now
  • where you’re going
  • what was important to you

Begin a journal today. You will gain more insight into yourself than you ever thought possible. You can also add depth to your writing by using what you journaled — just the overall journal entry, not anything too specific. Your characters would be imitating real life, and you would have developed more depth to your writing.



Success Follows Success In Writing

Creating Success Using Mind Enhancement Techniques

As you review this story, look at ways you can use the information to enhance your characters.  Success follows success in writing. It is easy to apply this information if you have a character going through the same thing you might be going through.

You’re probably just as smart as the next guy.  Some people are born smart. They can possess incredible talents such as singing, playing an instrument, or solving exceptional math problems.

What about the person who seems to excel. Are you able to stay with your peers? Unless you’re the leader, the views usually are the same. Did you take an IQ test and found you were not a genius, but you have at least average intelligence?  You can determine what the difference is between you and the person who excels.

Your mind, using your brain, needs to be up-leveled.  Expand and maximize your intelligence.  Your body also needs to be expanded and maximized.  The muscle tone is there. Your body needs to be exercised and encouraged to develop.  As you enhance your mind, you strengthen your ability to achieve success.  Success follows success.

Using Video

Video programs and audio are two of the ways to generate mind improvement.  You decide, based on your learning style, which is better for you.  Your choice depends on whether you’re better audio or video learner; if you can utilize both, the better.

For the person on the go, audio mind enhancement programs, available on CD or MP3 download, are better. You can maximize your time, whether in the car or on the treadmill.  Many subjects are found, teaching you how to create a better life while restructuring the mind.

Video programs are great for in-home viewing without the distractions you might encounter with audio.  It also stimulates your visual senses and usually works better and faster than audio alone.

Video DVDs are available on numerous subjects, from creating a better memory to learning a new hobby. It’s good to stimulate your mind with something you enjoy. Still, you must also stretch your mind to include subjects you don’t normally encounter.

Hypnosis is another method that is quite popular and proven effective.  Hypnosis communicates between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to change for the better.

Your mind has stored in it an unbelievable amount of power.  Hypnosis can help release that power.  Hypnosis  makes you believe in your mind, strength, and yourself.

Where is the power

If you don’t believe the power’s there, it’s not there to help you and become enhanced. You can do this yourself if you will, but hypnosis can help expedite these constructive changes.

The mind is like any other part of the body:  you use it or lose it.  It would be best if you exercised it daily with positive brain exercises.  Mind stimulating reading, puzzles, or learning a new subject keeps the brain fertile and active.  You will be astonished at what  grows by planting new seeds in your mind.

It is easy to apply this information if you have a character going through the same thing you might be going through. Success follows success in writing so you need to get started.


Real-life Behavior Can Enhance Your Ability to Write

Real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write

Life is always offering a fresh new perspective-real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write-.

The Silver Linings of Hopeless Situations

As you review this story, you can use this information to help yourself or to create characters in your dialogue that are more authentic. Drawing from real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write.~ Marjorie J McDonald

You’ve probably said it yourself and didn’t believe it:  the old saying that behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.  It’s hard to have much faith in that advice when that cloud is dumping buckets of rain on your parade.  But, sure enough, it wasn’t long until the rain stopped and you were walking in the sunshine again.

It’s the same with hopeless situations.  We’ve all faced them when we know we’re going to lose or fail at something significant to us.  It could be your business, a marriage, just a board game, or a game of cards.

Stop playing to win and start playing to learn

You’re playing your best, but no matter what you do, losing is inevitable.  Everything you did seemed right at the time, and by the time you discover your mistakes, it’s too late. First of all, it’s never too late until the game of life deals you the death card.

The game of Monopoly can be a perfect teacher of how to play your life.  We roll the dice, land on the right properties, and make the right buys.  Some players somehow bought better properties and built more prominent hotels, and stayed out of jail.  No matter what you did, you kept paying their rent and fines and had to mortgage your valuable holdings to stay afloat.

Playing at life can be a losing battle at times too.  You’re doing all the right things, you budget, plan for the future, but failure comes anyway.  No matter what you do, it all leads to the same outcome, like a bad dream where you’re moving in slow motion and you plod to the finish line that says loser.

You may be facing a hopeless situation at this very moment, and you’ve contemplated taking a long walk on a short pier.  Hey, it’s okay to lose if you turn those losses into gains!

If you realize there is no way to win, learn from your past mistakes, dust yourself off, and try again.  If you see you’re going to lose, stop playing to win and start playing to learn.  It’s when you discover that you win.

You’ve probably been focused on the long term gain and failed to see the mistakes you kept making in the past.  When you play to learn, there’s always some measure of victory.  Just like in Monopoly, you know from each roll of the dice.

playing dice

Analyze your past moves and see where you could have done better so you don’t make the same mistakes again.  There is always another roll of the dice and still another game to play.

Playing the game again doesn’t guarantee a win, but it guarantees another learning opportunity.  You may learn you lack the necessary skills ever to win until you master them.  If you’re stuck in this situation, find a way to get out of it and move forward.  Know that you can’t undo past mistakes, so don’t get stressed out over them.  Use them as stepping stones to a future win.

Real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write

Life is always offering a fresh new perspective if we choose to see it.  We all lose, and others have made the worst mistakes than you.  Be a gracious loser.  If, perchance, you’ve never failed, then maybe you’re not living life to its fullest and leave a lot of money (and happiness) on the table.  There are no hopeless situations when you turn them into learning experiences and search for the silver lining.