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In my Creative Writing Exercise Workbook I teach several ways to help you accelerate your search for what type of writing you prefer and help you get started.There are 57 exercises which allow you to try different types of writing to see which ones appeal to you. I encourage you to try all of them.

If you would like to find out more about writing which can help you realize your dream to become an author, you can find that information in this material.

You may be surprised when you try a type of writing you had not considered before only to discover you really want to do that type of writing which is called a genre (john-rah).

Communicating through writing will give you a complete understanding of how to use a step by step process to start and sustain your writing.

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If you have considered writing, you might want to research genres (categories or different types of writing) to see which area you would enjoy. You can write in more than one genre.

For a description of many genres visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_writing_genres?

There are many advantages to learning to write. Publishing is an option, but not required for you to be successful as a writer.

The key is to get started and to have fun.

The Mystery about Being in Love

How to find a perfect story plot.? ?Write about the mystery about being in love.

All about Being in Love

Use this outline as the way to set up your romance story plot. It is fun and a fast way to cove the points and phases needed to give your story extra punch.

How will I know if I’ve ever experienced love? Many people argue that although being in love with someone is non-tangible, there is absolutely no doubt in their mind of it existing. If you are questioning at all whether or not you are or might be in love, then you are most certainly not.

While there is no doubt of the existence of being in love, even for a second (I am still one of those sad individuals yet to experience it), I am somewhat perplexed over our perception of what constitutes humanity’s most sought-after experience.

Decision time

For me, the decision to fall in love with someone is based on the successful matching of one’s predetermined criteria or preferences.

Phase one

I refer to the very first phase as the preliminary stage of any partner selection fondly as the ‘terminator glasses’ phase since the process filters through a potential mate’s attributes and matches them off against my unique preferences.

On New Year’s Eve just passed, I met friends at a party to celebrate. While waiting at the door with my friend, I saw HIM for the very first time. I did a quick terminator scan:

Terminator Scan

  • Height: Around 6 feet.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? That’s a MATCH.
  • Build: Not too skinny, not too buff, not too fat.? ? ? ? ? ? That’s a MATCH.
  • Hair: Dark brown. Not over the top.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? That’s a MATCH.
  • Complexion: Dark olive.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?That’s a MATCH.
  • Lips: Plump.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?That’s a MATCH.
  • Smile: Oh my God.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?That’s a MATCH.
  • Eyes: Brown, Big, expressive, with long thick lashes. That’s a MATCH!
  • Stance: Gentle, not cocky.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? That’s a MATCH.
  • Nationality: Probably Brazilian.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? That’s a MATCH.

Terminator glasses

With my terminator glasses still in place, the confirmed Brazilian was permitted to move onto the second part of phase one: interaction. The initial meeting is often the fatal part of any potential relationship. Each sentence uttered, every look given, and every movement put through the terminator glasses filter.

Any miss-match can lead to a premature relationship death. In this part, little is forgiven, mostly if one’s program is set at ‘long term mate’. But it is my favorite part of the process because it is often the most fun. I see it as playing a game we both know we’re playing but refuse to acknowledge as existing. Write about the mystery about being in love from this perspective.

One can withdraw from the game any time with no repercussion (that is, when both parties are working under and following the same list of rules.) When this is not the real case, there may be a few unwanted phone numbers, with a few very awkward conversations. Depending on how weak you are ? unwanted dates followed by a few unwanted kisses.

Phase two

Phase two, ‘the rose-colored glasses’ phase, is risky and not often approached with caution by either person. Looking at the impact of stage one, bombs warning’ relationship doom’ could be dropped right in front of one’s eyes, yet getting let go unnoticed. Everything usually appears and is, invariably, totally workable.

Phase two is more exciting than the terminator phase, albeit being laced with the fear of it all ending. The premature ‘I love you’ could escape one’s mouth, falling to the ground. The stakes are relatively high but could also pay off and continue you on to phase three. Or maybe not.

Phase three

Declaring the title of phase three can be challenging. The truth is, I’m not sure what to call it because I find I’m often on the way to the green exit sign above the fire escape before they can say ‘marry me.’ Continue to write about the mystery about being in love.- using this angle.

My experience with phase three is that I usually recognize Mr. Perfect as a human. I typically resist accepting him the way he is and often try to point out where he might be or is lacking (he is usually not so open to my constructive criticism.) Of course, it does not lead him to change his ways but firmly ground himself in them (and resent me in the process).

  • Swap love and commitment with fear and dependence.
  • Some stay to the bitter end.
  • Many head straight for the green exit light.

People claim at this point that they have fallen ?out of love.’ My argument is that they were never in love in the first? place. One of my favorite movies, ‘Moulin Rouge,’ melodically states,

“The greatest thing you will ever learn in your life is just to love, and be loved in return.” ~ Moulin Rouge

I believe this is what we think being in love is all about. Yet being loved in return implies that there is a condition to your giving love. So romantic love is conditional love. If romantic love only goes one-way, it is termed unrequited love or even ‘desperate.’

True love could only be unconditional. And inside of that, true love can only mean 100% acceptance of the subject, just the way they are and just the way they’re not. What if love, real love, is just loving?

Apply these steps “Write about the mystery about being in love” to your character plot and come up with a good romance.

What Is The Leonardo Trait of Creativity In Action

In the book “Leonardo Da Vinci” by Walter Isaacson, the author says that “Da Vinci’s era wasn’t interested in creativity, but he was able to do things no one else could do.” What did Leonardo Da Vinci know that others didn’t? What is the Leonardo trait of creativity in action?

It wasn’t knowledge about science or history or how to take advantage of people. It’s something he had a knack for doing.

Many people don’t know what being creative means and hesitate to call themselves creative. They know that the “creative” paints and draws or about the creative who writes and composes music. They might say they’re not creative because they can’t paint or draw. Or play an instrument.

But when you read the definition of creativity, it refers to using one’s imagination to create different outcomes or new solutions to problems. Creativity is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and not being afraid to express yourself in unusual ways.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”– Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle.

Those who consider themselves to be in the creative field are equally creative. After all, if you can dream it, you can do it.

No matter what kind of work you’re in

  • you can use your imagination to create new outcomes for improving your job, customers’ or clients’ satisfaction
  • or just plain having more fun.

I have two speeds. One is to stop. One is to go.

I can’t work on one project. I have to have more.

Of the twelve projects I have open, I?ll slowly get them finished.

I don?t know which order it will be in, so I have to work on all twelve until I figure it out.

I can’t settle on one thing I want to do. Right now, I’m learning more about marketing, setting up membership sites, and learning how to do my illustrations for my characters while writing a book.

In that era there was no interest in creativity, but he was able to do things no one else could do. What is the Leonardo trait of creativity in action?

I like to think that if Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today, people would be calling him “weird.” They would be encouraging him to “finish what you start” and?my favorite?referring to him as “jack of all trades and master of none.” Then I like to think of those people suddenly realizing who they?ve been criticizing.

You know? Wouldn?t that be fun?

Well, of course, it’s not going to happen, but what can happen is that you and I can recognize the Leonardo Trait in ourselves and each other and let up on ourselves. No other person is going to do it for us.

Give yourself a break, Leonardo.

Focus on Your Breathing Unleashing the Peace Within-Part 2

Focus on Your Breathing

Now that we have the elements needed to meditate, time for you to try these techniques. If you sit in a chair, spread your leg apart a little and place your hands on your knees open palms up. Begin by starting to focus on your breathing.

The next step towards peace is to close your eyes and breathe in deeply and then slowly exhale the air. You need to repeat this process consistently, but you are doing a few important things while doing this. When first starting to meditate, you might find that as you relax, the things that bothered you during the day will begin to resurface and come to the forefront of your mind. Stop this during your meditation period to reduce stress. Say to your mind, I?ll take care of that later. While you are breathing, clear your mind chatter.

While breathing in slowly, concentrate in your mind’s eye on the number one and focus on the number as you exhale. When taking your next breath, change to a number two. Focus on the number two as you exhale. Each inhale, focus on the next number. If your focus gets away from you and you ?start thinking about making dinner or what you will do tomorrow, restart from number one. After a while, you will find that using this process will help you maintain that focus and bring out that inner peace more quickly.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, using the counting process and breathing helps a lot. Once again, it takes time to master the technique, but the more you practice, the better you will get.

Clearing Your Mind

The next step is to clear your mind. Clearing your mind can take a little bit of work and take a while to conquer. You will experience inner peace when you do achieve it. To clear your mind, you will not think of anything. The key is to focus on the space around you without thinking about it.

When you do this, a sense of peace will come over you. You will find that the endorphins in your body will give you a tingling feeling throughout the body, and you will be extremely calm. As time goes on, you will find that you can turn the tingling on at your own will, but that comes with practice.

Feel the Rush of Peace

While it can take a lifetime to achieve peace, when you let go of your surroundings, you are at peace. It feels like a whole new world when you are not being stressed. You can get to that place quickly anytime by moving your focus to your breathing.

When you feel that your time for meditation is over, slowly allow your mind to start to think. You will find that it is a lot easier than you think. Then slowly open your eyes and become more aware of your surroundings. Give yourself a good five minutes before you rush to get up, but when you do, you will feel more of a sense of peace and calm around your body, mind, and soul.

For part 1 read here.

How to Unleash The Peace Within-Part 1

Consider these things for how to unleash the peace within you and then apply the information to your characters and character plots. It is fun to get several results from the same information.

We live in a world with activity surrounding us every minute of the day. We are getting busier and busier and bombarded with commercialism and adverts from every angle.? Looking for a way to break the constant information overload to help give your mind a chance to relax? After many years of studying and testing, I have found a simple six-step formula that helps me unleash the inner peace that I wish to come out.

The first three steps will get you started.

Step 1 ? Find a calm area.

The first step is to find somewhere that will allow you to feel safe while meditating.? Here are a few key things to look for to find a quiet space.

There should be little traffic noise.

Eliminate? Distractions

With a little practice,? you will find over time that you will get better at it. In the early stages, a small distraction from your children or noise can make it very difficult.

It would help if you Feel Safe.

With today’s society being the way it is, you must have a sense of well being before starting. If you have a sense of insecurity, you will find it harder to release your anxieties and thoughts.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Most meditation will last around 20 minutes. At first, you may find that it takes a good 10 minutes to get to a relaxed point. Sit on a comfortable surface.? Where you sit can help you feel safe.

Step 2 ? Use a Light Scent

You may find that a light scent like an essential oil will help you break through the barriers when you start meditating. Suppose you are like me and are frequently in a rush and stressed when you first stop. In that case, you might find it tough to focus, so using a light scent like lavender can undoubtedly help.

You can purchase essential oils from any number of places.? There are many places on the web where you can buy essential oils. Get them from a reputable distributor.

Step 3 ? Quiet music

Listening to some quiet music will certainly help soothe the rushed feeling you have after a hard day. But be very cautious about the type of music you choose. You need to ensure you select music that will slow you down rather than increase your heart rate.

Many people recommend music like flowing water, a rushing stream, or the great outdoors’ sounds, which will undoubtedly be suitable for this process. Music from the Baroque period is nice to use.

Baroque music has 60 beats per minute, which is the same as what our hearts should be doing. The music can help you become calm and relaxed. Research has also shown that this “alpha state” you obtain can help in your learning process, creativity, and, more importantly, becoming calmer.

Watch for the second part and add as your schedule allows.

Lack of Self Care Can Make You Unhappy

Lack of self care can make you unhappy, so focus on self-care in your life. Use these tips to create character plots and plot twists for your writing. As you are taking better care of your characters, also check in and see if you are taking better care of you.

Establishing a self-care routine is so crucial to adding stability to life. If you have any of these things showing up in your life that indicate you are not taking care of yourself, immediately begin to look for ways to change. Add the positive things that can lead to more self-care, being happier, feeling less stressed, and enjoying your routine. Self-care should be a priority for each of us so we can experience a more satisfying life.

Self-care is vital to contribute to your longer, happier life. Avoid or ignore this critical routine, and you might experience being tired, more stressed, or even unhappy. There are very definite signs that a lack of self-care might be happening in your life. It is so valuable to identify these things to correct quickly.

Things that show you need more focus on self-care in your life.

Stress and exhaustion

When you are not taking care of yourself, you’ll often feel stressed and exhausted. Stress or exhaustion can lead to a feeling of resentment or identify burnout signs. You might have your schedule focused on spending too much time taking care of others and spending little time taking care of yourself. Over time, avoiding self-care, you could end up resenting your loved ones.

Maintaining positive energy is difficult when you experience being stressed out or exhausted. Taking care of yourself reduces stress and boosts energy

Lack of Hygiene

Hygiene suffers when ignoring self-care. Signs of depression show up in several areas of life. When the person is experiencing long periods in bed, not taking showers, or brushing teeth show signs of depression. In that case, no signs of hygiene and no self-care are usually found. Another cycle that spirals downward and can affect other areas of mental health.

Pursuing unhealthy habits trying to produce enjoyment

There may be an increase in eating junk food, drinking alcohol, or even taking drugs to avoid the down feelings that might be happening. These behaviors to comfort can create other issues that produce the opposite impact. When trying to escape the depression, these habits can create even more escapism patterns or you may try to feel better temporarily by overindulging.

Increase in weight

Weight increase is typical in people who are not taking care of themselves. Again, this produces a downward spiral of weight gain, being unhappier with your body, more weight gain, and being unhappier. It makes releasing weight quite hard to do, so work at lowering weight and eating better. Self-care can help you avoid this potential problem.

Lower Self-Worth

Might feel like you are not good enough

Lower self-worth and not feeling good enough is another cycle: not feeling like you are worth it, so not caring for yourself. These give the personal feelings of never being good enough, so they don’t want to try. Being tired and juggling life’s responsibilities can lead to not taking care of you.

If any of these things are happening to you, take action and reverse the spiral.

If you are:

  • over eating-start a healthy eating plan
  • sleeping excessively-begin a healthy sleeping plan


Check in with you to see if lack of self care can make you unhappy. Correct where needed for your book plots and for your life.

Self-Care Can Help Improve Self-Esteem

Recognize the Need to Change

Self-care can help improve self-esteem? and how change could help us in our lives.

When you’re struggling to make healthier changes in your life, it could be that you do not think you need to change. Often we are also good at avoiding any change. We continue to avoid it because we dread it rather than looking forward to seeing how change could help us in our lives.

For your best life, you must recognize when a change is needed. So, how exactly can you acknowledge that you need a change?

Common signs to notice in your life.

You experience feeling stuck

Feeling stuck is a definite indication that change would be helpful. All of us have a specific purpose. Our purpose is not easy to identify. Your goals might change as you get older.? When going through the experiences in life, new directions can become significant. So, if you feel stuck where you are, it might be time to change.

If your mood is consistently down

An additional sign change is needed if you find your mood is continuously down or you don’t enjoy things anymore. You don’t have to feel down or depressed to make a change. Simply feeling frequently down is an indicator your life is not producing satisfaction.

When thinking about what used to make you feel great.

It could be that you enjoyed your job, now you don’t like your job.? Make a change to get back to experiencing that initial excitement.

You suffer from low self-esteem

Low self-esteem develops for many different reasons. It seems to be more common for those who don’t take time to care for themselves. If you lack self-care, you may criticize yourself more or feel like you aren?t worth much.

Over time, low self-esteem can lead you to feel like you don?t deserve good things in life. Not deserving, also can cause a person to give up trying to enjoy life or be happy. If you experience having low self-esteem, it is an excellent time to decide you need to change.

You have very low energy

Having low energy throughout the day could come from a poor sleep experience. However, discover if deeper issues might be there if you always are tired. It may be that you have a health problem, or it may mean that you lost your passion and interest in life. Any time spent doing things that don’t inspire you can quickly zap your energy.

So, if you wake up feeling tired and drained consistently, make it a priority for more self-care in your life. When you are taking care of yourself, you?ll feel energized and ready to take on anything.

As you can see, many indications and signs could point to the fact you need a change. Self-care can help improve self-esteem, give you a sense of purpose, and help make you feel happier and more energized. When you recognize you need to make a change, determine where your current issues lie and use self-care to eliminate them.

You can learn more about positive and negative behavior in this story.


Simple Tips To Increased Happiness

Simple tips to increased happiness. The easiest is just decide to be a happy person.

There is no secret to being happy. You make up your mind to be happy. In case you need more ways to be happy, here are many steps you can take to begin learning how to make yourself happy.

To be happy is relatively easy. Just decide to be a happy person. The choice is to choose to be satisfied. Suffering is optional!

Once you choose to be happy, your world will change to accommodate that, and you will find being happy is easier to do.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

You are the only person to make yourself happy, so find ways to do that.

Remember that no one can make you happy!

  • Your happiness lies more in your hands than it does anyone else.
  • Thinking he should,
  • she should
  • they should make you happy
  • puts your life in a precarious position.

When “people” aren’t making you happy, you tend to be miserable.


A great way to experience being happy. Laugh! Laughter has a fantastic effect on the body, mind, and spirit, raising us when we seem to be down. Remember a hilarious incident. No matter how long ago it happened. Recall it, see what you saw, what was happening, and bring back the feeling inside you of being happy. Now, whenever you are down, recall that memory. ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’


‘The only thing in life that will be the same is change,’ and in our life, we have the choice to make the necessary changes when we want. When we find ourselves in an unbearable situation, we can always find solace in the knowledge that it too will change.

Social networks or relationships are essential. No one likes to feel alone (although you never indeed are. Join dating sites, if appropriate, groups, networking groups, whatever it takes to get you socializing.

Relationships are essential

Each person is different so accept other people for who they are, avoid constant arguments, avoid clashes, and let go of every kind of resentment.

Get perspective

When arguments seem unavoidable, do your best to make an effort to understand the situation.? Look at it from your perspective, see it from their perspective, and then become an outside observer. By looking at the two sides, see it from that point of view. What difference does having each of these perspectives make?

Be grateful

Be grateful.? Thank the people around you, thank the cook for making a wonderful dinner and thank the guy who cleans all of your windows.

Express affections

Express your affections, feelings, friendship, and passion to people around you. They will most likely reciprocate your actions.

Let go of anger and frustrations

Avoid holding on to anger or frustrations. Anger and frustration are destructive to health. Instead of expressing that anger or frustration, find ways to say these things in a way that will not cause any harm or injury to anyone. Some people thump their pillow or scream (into a pillow or somewhere secluded!). One of the best ways is expressing feelings by writing in a diary.

  • Learning is a joyful exercise.
  • Try and learn something new every day.
  • Knowledge helps us broaden and expand our future.
  • It could also give us more opportunities.

Feel alive

Dance, run, walk and do other things that your body can do. Feel alive.

Simple tips to increased happiness just find ways to practice

Avoid exposure

Avoid exposure to harmful elements like loud noises, toxins, and hazardous places.


Self-Improvement And Success Go Together

Self-improvement and success go together. Learn how to work into your book plot.

Take these two concepts, self-improvement and success, and work into your book plot. In addition to being great for you to consider, these concepts make great plot twists.

Make the decision

A decision for achieving self-improvement is a question with no exact answer. It all depends on each person.

People often have goals, dreams, or ambitions but do not know how to achieve them. They do not know the actions required to make them a reality.? They have no idea how to make plans and take action.

Some people have a little bit of an idea of how to work on self-improvement. These people believe that if only they had

  • a better job
  • been given better opportunities
  • met the love of their life
  • or whatever else, everything would be fine, and they would be happy

They feel that external factors decide their happiness or lack of joy, and their actions and thoughts did not matter.

Many believe that if only they had more money in their hand, they would have what they wanted and be moving toward self-improvement.

Spend time on your life

Have spent very little time thinking about what they want from life. They do not believe that they can create their fuzzy version of life anyway. They focus on getting another ticket from the lottery.

Do not even know what they want from their lives and may even have little idea what would make them happy. Seem to drift from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, and do little more than barely get through.

They might have a secure job and be earning enough to live a comfortable life. They seem happy and have no ambition to achieve anything more from their lives than they have now.

What is essential about self-improvement

We are all continually developing and growing. Circumstances in our lives create ways for us to change. Occasionally life decides how we change.

As we go through school, we continue to develop our skills. Creating skills is necessary for us to go through the self-improvement we need.

Develop your skills

There is more competition today, and ever-changing technology means that there are very few ‘jobs for life.’ People often change jobs quite often throughout our working lives and sometimes completely change careers and move into another industry.

Keep learning new skills

Because every workplace is so competitive, the people who are determined to have success know they have to learn new skills and knowledge to keep ahead of the pack. Self-improvement is necessary to achieve.

These people will most likely keep their jobs, progress within their chosen field, or be readily employable in different organizations or industries.

A commitment to self-improvement and personal growth may well be the deciding factor in how anyone’s future will turn out. Self-improvement and success go together so focus on each of these and how they impact your life.


Real Life Makes Your Characters More Believable

Why people fail at self-care-they fail to take care of themselves.?Taking from real life makes your characters more believable as well as the steps can be engaging for your readers. When you review these reasons, you might see it could be an excellent plot twist for a story. Pick a character and have that character go through these situations and how they worked their way through the behavior associated with each area.

Why People Fail at self-care

It isn’t always easy to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, even when you know how important self-care is to your wellbeing. Study what the things are that cause you to fail when it comes to taking care of yourself or the main things that hold you back.

Here is why people generally fail when it comes to self-care.

It is often seen as selfish

The primary reason people fail to take care of themselves is that they feel or are being told you are selfish. That can make you feel guilty when focusing on yourself. In addition, you may worry about what other people think. Often people tend to express you are a terrible parent for not focusing on the needs of your children.

It is a myth that self-care is selfish. Self-care can help you to be a better friend, parent, or spouse. The more you focus on taking care of yourself, the more comfortable you will be in helping others. You’ll also show your children the importance of self-care. Teaching them to take care of their own needs is a crucial life skill. That will also help them grow up to be happier adults.

It requires focus and effort

There is no getting away from the fact that self-care does take some level of effort in the beginning. When you aren?t used to making self-care a priority, you?re going to need to make quite a few changes to your routine.

Coming up with a self-care plan can feel like a chore, making it easy to put it off. However, there are ways to reduce the effort. For example, focusing on one thing to improve at a time can help.

Perhaps you’d like to start working out more? Scheduling time to exercise as soon as you wake up, for example, can be a great start. Or, if you?re looking to drink more water, focus on that goal first.

If you break down your self-care tasks, it makes them much more manageable, reducing a lot of the effort involved.

Different approaches work for different people

Each of us is different, which means we enjoy and dislike different things. When you initially look at examples of self-care, you’ll find a lot of them relate to things like reading a book or taking a hot bubble bath. These types of activities aren’t for everyone, so they might feel self-care isn?t for them.

Self-care isn?t just bubble baths, yoga, and meditation. It is anything that relaxes and takes care of you. So, if you find going for a run is a more effective way of feeling good, that is considered self-care.

If you find one self-care approach isn?t working, try something else. Self-care should be personal to your own needs.

These are the most common reasons people fail to take good care of them. It can be difficult overcoming the initial barriers to self-care. However, once you fully understand what and how important it is, you?ll find it much easier to stick to a self-care routine.

Real life makes your characters more believable so study and use real life situations.


Write More Exciting and Engaging Stories

Applying these tips will help you write more exciting and engaging stories. You will be able to? increase your ability to? determine how to spot common blind spots.

Spotting Common Blind Spots

These discoveries will help you and might also allow you to improve the dialogue in your books. Discussion between your characters is another way to write more interesting and engaging stories.

We have different blind spots when it comes to working on self-care. These are necessary aspects of ourselves that we aren’t fully aware of yet. It could be actions, personality traits, feelings.

These blind spots can hamper our self-care efforts. It is so essential to become completely aware and to decide to take action on them.? See if you can find for yourself some of the most common self-care blind spots.

You typically avoid conflict

Most people hate conflict. It is sometimes needed to resolve situations. If that is something you avoid, it means you’ll often do or say things you don’t necessarily agree with entirely. Conflict is a familiar blind spot that can derail efforts at your self-care.

In other words, when you give in to others to avoid any conflict, it can reduce your credibility. You can find you are discouraged and miserable because you did not stand firm in your values or beliefs. When your blind spot is avoiding conflict, it’s essential to notice it.

Keeping toxic people around

When you have toxic people around you or in your life that you can’t seem to let go of entirely, it is time for action. Whether it is a family member, partner, or friend, associating with toxic people is going to delay your development.

Learn to let toxic people go, and it will improve your life significantly. You will be happier.? You will be more capable of making the change you want to make.? So, assess the relationships in your life. When there is a toxic person around you, distance yourself and surround yourself with positive people.

If you are always late

Frequently being late is a tough blind spot in self-care. However, it can negatively impact various parts of your life. When you have a reputation for being late, it lowers your trustworthiness. Always being late can negatively impact your relationships, as well as lead to issues with your job.

Being always late can make it harder to stick to specific changes you make. For example, you may find it more challenging to create and stay on a schedule you set.


Self-care may be more challenging if you tend to be an impatient person. Being impatient means, you won’t necessarily see any results very quickly. It takes time to change, make new habits, or see the benefits of your self-care. Also, you might give up before you’ve experienced the results.

It can make you frustrated when you don’t see instant results.? If you want to keep it up,? becoming more patient as you start your self-care journey is essential.

Blind spots can hamper our self-care efforts

These are a few common blind spots you’ll experience when working on self-care. Identifying your blind spots will help you reduce self-care challenges. It will make you much more likely to succeed with any changes you make.

Applying these tips will help you write more exciting and engaging stories.