Write More Exciting and Engaging Stories

Write more exciting and engaging stories

Applying these tips will help you write more exciting and engaging stories. You will be able to? increase your ability to? determine how to spot common blind spots.

Spotting Common Blind Spots

These discoveries will help you and might also allow you to improve the dialogue in your books. Discussion between your characters is another way to write more interesting and engaging stories.

We have different blind spots when it comes to working on self-care. These are necessary aspects of ourselves that we aren’t fully aware of yet. It could be actions, personality traits, feelings.

These blind spots can hamper our self-care efforts. It is so essential to become completely aware and to decide to take action on them.? See if you can find for yourself some of the most common self-care blind spots.

You typically avoid conflict

Most people hate conflict. It is sometimes needed to resolve situations. If that is something you avoid, it means you’ll often do or say things you don’t necessarily agree with entirely. Conflict is a familiar blind spot that can derail efforts at your self-care.

In other words, when you give in to others to avoid any conflict, it can reduce your credibility. You can find you are discouraged and miserable because you did not stand firm in your values or beliefs. When your blind spot is avoiding conflict, it’s essential to notice it.

Keeping toxic people around

When you have toxic people around you or in your life that you can’t seem to let go of entirely, it is time for action. Whether it is a family member, partner, or friend, associating with toxic people is going to delay your development.

Learn to let toxic people go, and it will improve your life significantly. You will be happier.? You will be more capable of making the change you want to make.? So, assess the relationships in your life. When there is a toxic person around you, distance yourself and surround yourself with positive people.

If you are always late

Frequently being late is a tough blind spot in self-care. However, it can negatively impact various parts of your life. When you have a reputation for being late, it lowers your trustworthiness. Always being late can negatively impact your relationships, as well as lead to issues with your job.

Being always late can make it harder to stick to specific changes you make. For example, you may find it more challenging to create and stay on a schedule you set.


Self-care may be more challenging if you tend to be an impatient person. Being impatient means, you won’t necessarily see any results very quickly. It takes time to change, make new habits, or see the benefits of your self-care. Also, you might give up before you’ve experienced the results.

It can make you frustrated when you don’t see instant results.? If you want to keep it up,? becoming more patient as you start your self-care journey is essential.

Blind spots can hamper our self-care efforts

These are a few common blind spots you’ll experience when working on self-care. Identifying your blind spots will help you reduce self-care challenges. It will make you much more likely to succeed with any changes you make.

Applying these tips will help you write more exciting and engaging stories.