Use a Creative Writing Journal

How to use a creative writing journal. Write anything that comes to mind which isn’t directly related to your life. Story ideas, locations, characters, random thoughts, start with and use your ideas to start to write your story. You are going to add the plot and events. Jot down what your goals are. Use all of those things on your list to construct a short story.

Pick a word out of your journal entries and write a paragraph or a little short story, either including that word or based on that word. These are called word prompts.

Write several stories coming from completely different directions. Then write more conversations and dialogues to match the different stories you are creating. If you have a character collection, start changing out your stories and see if the plot changes in your writing. Look for words to help you find inspiration. Write down loads of observations about the country and people you are introducing to your story.

Write down little prompts as you think of them or they can escape from you. Think of a name, age, apparent talents, something your character would totally do, something they definitely wouldn’t do, professional aspirations and their biggest regrets. Keep colecting these short senerios. They can be added as you are inspired.

Read a little of what you have done and then sprinkle in some of your inspirations to enhance your plot. If you are part way through the writing when you have to stop, you have it in your journal and can start again when you have another time you can write.

Sometimes you will end up putting several of your short stories together. It can be interesting how they blend. No right or wrong, just keep having fun with your words, story lines, characters and your finished projects.