The Most Successful Plants-Fun Facts Revealed About Dandelions

The most successful plant

Here are some fun facts revealed about dandelions-the most successful plants that exist. We have seen them as we walk by yards, open fields and along streets. They do remind us of the three celestial bodies of the sun, moon and the stars. Dandelions are survival masters worldwide.

The Stages of the Dandelion

The sun: the yellow flower when it is open fully

Dandelion in full bloom

The moon: the white seed pods just before being carried away by the breeze

Dandelion looks like moon

The stars: the stem and seeds as they float in the breeze look like tiny parachutes and can travel up to five miles away from the main plant.

Dandelion Seeds

Coarsely toothed leaves-easily recognized.

Dandelion Leaves

This flower opens each morning and each evening closes.

dandelion open and closed flowers

Dandelion Uses

Uses for this flower are food, medicine, and dye for coloring. All parts of the flower, stem and leaves can be used, even the roots. Dandelions start to bloom early in the spring and continue their blooming until late summer.

In early centuries they grew along with other beneficial “weeds” like chickweed, malva, and chamomile. Discouraged in modern day lawns.

The tiny parachute can go as far as five miles plus from the home plant.

Insects, butterflies, and birds consume nectar or eat the seeds of dandelion. Here is a Cabbage White Butterfly on a Dandelion.

cabbage white on dandelion

Dandelion flowers form seeds without pollination.

Dandelion uses in the production of wine and root beer. Some used roots from the dandelion as a substitute for coffee.

Known in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome and found in the Chinese formulas in traditional medicine for over a thousand years.

Dandelion can treat infections and liver disorders. The tea made of dandelion can act as a diuretic.

Dandelion Tea

The most successful plants that exist

Avoid the dandelions growing back on a shorter stem after you mow them by not mowing.

Dandelions are survival masters worldwide. They are the most successful plants that exist.

Negative facts about dandelions are that every year countries spend millions on lawn pesticides.

Hope you have enjoyed some fun facts revealed about dandelions-the most successful plants that exist. Add determination to your writing.