How to Increase Your Productivity

Writing strategies to implement now.

Somewhere in this fantastic, big world, someone needs to hear what you have to say. Your readers need to benefit from your unique voice, your particular perspective, your one and only point of view, your ideas. The world is looking for all kinds of writers with viewpoints, thoughts, insights, instructions, tips, and more.

Break out of procrastination and increase your productivity by following this beginner?s guide. ~ Marjorie J McDonald

Here are the methods I?ve used regularly to let ideas start flowing.

1. Make Mini-commitments

When you start to move, you generate motivation.

Ask yourself, ?Can I write a few sentences?? Then, ask, ?Can I just finish this one paragraph??

Keep going with small steps. Ask, can I do a few more sentences?

2. Walk Before Writing

Walking has been shown to enhance creativity. Momentum can generate motivation. Physical movement gets you into action. Get into a peak state before writing is like ?sharpening the ax? before chopping down a tree.

3. Learn to Become Inspired

Great writers are often avid readers. However, reading rather than writing can become a form of procrastination in excess. A little dose of reading can inspire.

Reading can stimulate your mind with new ideas when you ask: How would I put that into my own words? Or, find a story or metaphor you can use.

Following templates is another way to become inspired. I write by just asking, ?What are X # ways one can overcome procrastination?? Start jotting ideas down.

4. Work Through Fears and Uncertainty

Fears and uncertainty are many times at the root of procrastination. There can be doubts, fear of failure, fear of wasting time about what you want to accomplish, leading to indecision and excuses.

Procrastination is a symptom and rarely the root issue. Trying to fix procrastination without treating the root cause is like trying to fix fatigue caused by a parasite infection by drinking more coffee instead of getting rid of the parasite. A good coach and personal development are essential for writers.

5. Use Accountability and ?Case Study Mindset.?

A case study mindset is a term I?ve used to describe turning your projects into a case study. Share your insights on your writing journey with others, such as through blog/videos/posts, and use that to keep you accountable.

You could add further accountability by telling people when your writing project will be complete. Offer them something if you did not accomplish what you said you would do. I used to provide friends $20 if I didn?t get a rough draft done by a particular date.

Create either deadline or scheduled writing times for yourself when it makes sense to do so based on the project and your personality/workflow. When possible, write before other fun activities, so those activities become a reward for finishing your task.

Which of these writing strategies will you begin to implement now?

Creative Writing Strategies

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