How to Have Increased Writing Productivity

How to Organize Your Home or Office for Increased Writing Productivity

The organization is essential in your home, office, or home-office to function at maximum efficiency and strive for increased productivity.? When you’re looking for a place to sit or a space to place a file, it?s time to organize.

These tips will help you become a better writer. Apply what you need so you can write more productively.

Some have said that if they clean up and organize, they would never find anything. That is never the case. Many people waste time saying, “I know it’s here, someplace.”? They’re unaware of an old law that states that empty spaces fill.

Most of the following suggestions hold for both home and office. Suppose you’re working out of your home in an office space.? The organizing saying ?Find a place for everything and put everything in its place applies.?? Your office will need filing and storing.?? If you have a home or office loaded with all kinds of clutter, begin by dividing the tasks to organize into sections.


organizing folders

Have file folders and storage bins available as you begin.? You can be less formal at home and use colorful wicker baskets if you want and even have a “read me later” file.

A rule often used is that if you have not read or used the paper, a file, or a notebook in the last six months, you can probably trash it.? If you think you may need to keep it for legal reasons, find a long-term storage file area.

Handle the piece of paper or file only once.? Don’t get caught up with an in-depth reading of each document. You will either extend the time to organize or not finish.? Save your reading for later.? At first, your goal is to clear clutter and get organized.

When the top of your desk is clear and everything has its place, start with the filing drawers.? When your desk drawers are clean, it provides extra space for storage.? Keep a simple filing system.? Set your filing up so you can easily retrieve items.? For articles, if you need to access those more frequently, store them in a clear container or label them in bold letters.

Keep only the essential items you need daily such as a phone, calculator, computer, and office supplies such as tape, pens, and paper clips.?? Then, go ahead and make space for essential photos.

You will get more accomplished if the environment is working for your needs.? Keep personal items off of your desktop.? Find a separate drawer for personal items and keep a minimum amount.

Create a personal to-do list and keep it where you see it frequently.?

Each day check your to-do list or calendar.? Keep everything on your calendar up to date.? Have only one project out on top of your desk at a time to keep you focused.

Reward yourself once you?ve completed your organization.? Now, keep it that way.? When a project ends, immediately put that finished project away.? At the end of each day, straighten your desk and work area. That way, you start each workday with a clean slate.

Once you have the organization piece in place, you can focus on your writing. Apply the tips and see how much more you can produce with the types of writing you want to do.

Remember Organization is how to have increased writing productivity.