How to Make Information the Most Manageable

Who are your readers? Help your readers experience your writing.

Every person sees the events happening around them from different perspectives. Your opinion is important about what is happening. Look at the events from several points of view to help you reduce any writer’s blocks you might be experiencing.

The people who can write about a topic or tell a story have the most varied experience.? They have reviewed all of the information. When you hear an account, you might not get all of the details until you listen to it in another way. That can happen to your readers as well. Each person has a way that the information is most manageable for them to understand.? You have to have a point of view, and somewhere there is information that your audience can gain knowledge from your writing perspective.

Think about a salad bar. There are many choices, but they do not appeal to everyone going through to get their salad. That is what is happening to your reader. They have a preference for how to understand your writing.

It is called their learning style. When information presented is in a reader’s learning style, that might be seen in pictures or hearing the story’s details or feeling. They can connect with the writing from their perspective.

Help your readers experience the event

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Express your writing with confidence in the different learning styles so your readers can connect with your topics. When you have connected your subject with your readers, your readers will want to read more of your writing. You are not writing from wanting everyone’s approval of you. You can now be delighted that the readers have had an easier time understanding your writing and want more from you.

Add some perspective from others involved in your story, such as friends, family, colleagues, and friends of friends or friends of family members. Help your readers see the pictures, hear the words in the descriptions, and hear from the people involved.

Present information in a reader’s learning style

Help your readers experience the event contained in the emotions you write about, not only the events themselves but also the feelings of those in your writing. Tell your reader about the information. Then show them visual descriptions they can picture with the pictures based on the words in the story. Add feeling about what the news in your writing is expressing.