Writing Using Google Docs

I set up all my writing in Google Docs. That way regardless of the computer I’m on I can write. With this set up I’ve written on my desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad. Essentially, it allows you to write anytime you have a spare minute or couple of hours? for example, last month I was flying back home and was able to crank out 1500+ words on my iPad because I had access to the Internet and my manuscript.

I keep up with my word count. In Google Docs if you hit Ctrl + Shift + C it will provide your word count. I note this at the start and the end of writing sessions. I write at least 1000 words. I sometimes come up short on this number but often I far exceed it, but keeping track of my words helps motivate me and gives me the boost of energy that is so important in establishing a habit.

I keep a separate Google Doc with ideas for future books. I find if I get my ideas written that my subconscious mind starts working on them so that when I do begin the next writing project the ideas and connections just flow and the process is much more effortless.

I write at least one sentence. On the days that I absolutely do not feel like writing or the words are just not flowing I do not let myself off the hook. I write at least one sentence. Often when you set the bar this low, one sentence leads to another one and another. Pretty soon instead of the 15 words on the page that would constitute a sentence I’ve written 400 or 500 words!