Writers You Admire and Want to Imitate

You can aspire to be like them and learn? how to align your values and your goals.

Have you ever known anyone who would do anything to get what they wanted?? Or to get to where they wanted to be? You might have seen that person be or do dishonest things or take advantage of many others to achieve this goal.? They often say anything and promise you everything to get to the top and succeed.

These characteristics are evident in many people. We see them every day in business and our personal lives. It’s shocking how many people are gullible enough to be drawn into their web of deceit.? These people, without realizing it sacrifice their values to reach their goals.

If you want to be successful, align your values with your goals if you’re going to lead.? What’s essential in your daily life can often help you reach your goals and objectives.? Your values and your plans must complement each other for you to be instrumental.

Suppose you struggle with anxiety and unhappiness as you go for your goals. In that case, reaching those goals may not give you the inner peace and happiness you desire. Be true to yourselves so you will like yourself once you get there.? If you do not like yourself, then no one else will want to like you either.

Define your goals.? Of course, there are many types of plans. Decide what is most important to you and include your family.? Most people define their goals, first with their career and monetary achievement.

This achievement may include material possessions.? It may also have a social position in the community.? These might coincide with personal and spiritual goals or may need to change as you reach toward success in life.? Create a balance in all qualities you want in your life.

To define your values, decide what you want. Is it:

  • courage
  • honesty
  • dedication
  • generosity
  • thoughtfulness
  • tolerance
  • loyalty

What helps you each day to get out of bed and do what you have to do?

  • It could be your love for your family, perhaps your love for God.
  • It could be the ambition of possessing power and money.
  • Or, you could feel peace in helping others achieve their goals.

If you’re happy in your job, career, and personal life, you want to align your values and goals.? Many people try to fake it until they make it, but it would be a hollow victory unless these are your actual values.

  • always be true to yourself
  • work each day diligently
  • become the person you deserve to be

Who do you admire?

It could be a famous person or anyone who exhibits the values you’d like to possess.? Many notable politicians, clergy, actors, and athletes live the quality of life you admire. Not their money necessarily but their character. ?You can aspire to be like them.

People you admire and want to imitate could also be personal friends or family members.? Ask them what motivates their lives and how they aligned their values with their goals.? Be appropriately aligned with the values and goals of your life, and you’ll never regret where you are and where you will end.