How to Write About the Society Finch

Great additions to your pet family

Learning about the difference in each of these Finches, the Gouldian, the Zebra, and now the Society Finch, will help you zero in on details you could use for the characters for your books. Learn about their personalities and actions to see if you could add extra layers to your book characters. It is a simple way to enhance your stories and make writing more fun.

The Social Nature Of The Society Finch

One type of finch in the finch world is so friendly that they are called Society Finches. Because of their nature, they need to be kept in a group to interact with the other finches.

Often Society Finches are busy-bodies and want to interrupt those in the community that appears to enjoy more privacy, mainly when they are breeding. Not considered aggressive behavior on their part, just their nature.

They make great additions to your pet family because of their social activity and behavior and are fun to watch. They are friendly, have an excellent easy-going temperament, are easy to take care of, and usually not very expensive to buy.

While people are not sure of this finch?s origin, it is usually thought to be about 300 years ago and often documented that breeders from China and Japan started this finches line.

They are usually pure white, fawn, white, or chocolate and white, and when full-grown, they range from four and 1/4 to four and 3/4 inches long. Each one of this finch family is unique in their appearance. Occasionally you will find tri-colored finches, crested finches, and solid-colored finches all within the Society Finch family. Lots of variety to select from, which makes it more fun.

You will need to give them fresh food and change their water every day. They particularly like the finch seed mix, which is readily available. In a different cup, they also like chickweed and spinach. For the trace minerals they need, you can scatter grit on the cage?s bottom or put it in another container inside the birdcage. Occasional special treats are foods like egg foods, apples, pears, unusual mixes of seeds, honey fruits, and some vegetables.

An additional thing they need in their diet is calcium. Provide this in items called a cuttlebone, which also gives them lime for their digestion. The benefits of this dietary addition are your finch will have a strong beak, strong eggshells if you choose to breed them, and prevents egg binding in the female finch.

The most frequent reason a Society Finch gets sick is

? a poor diet

? if their cage is not kept clean

? or they may have been somewhere that was drafty and got chilled.

Prevent these things by

? a well-balanced diet

? a warm and clean environment

? the size cage that allows them to get exercise

? room for them to fly about their birdcage

They love to have baths, so provide them with a shallow bowl of water or a bathhouse inside their cage.

These things contribute to a happy, healthy Society Finch and many hours of enjoyment for you as their finch parent.

Having a happy and healthy finch is essential to your enjoyment of this very social and active type of finch.