How to Regularly Share Your?Writing

11 Ways to reach more?readers

Start today and begin to promote your writing. Do it more efficiently by following these guidelines.

1. Feature your story on your website

Featuring your articles or stories is a great way to showcase your best work. Sharing can also boost views to an earlier post that could use more attention.

2. Post to your social media accounts in various forms

A weekly wrap up with links to multiple articles is one way to get your stories to more readers. Put a short comment sharing what inspired you to begin writing. Occasionally post your whole story.

Posting content regularly is best. Choose a schedule and continue with it.

Once a day.

Once a week

Every 2 weeks

Once a month.

Hire a virtual assistant if you need to do that.

3. Email your mailing list

Regularly share your writing with your list. Your list wants to hear from you. If you don?t have an eBook, transform one of your most popular articles into one. If you want a digital copy for sale, there is no length limit. If you want a printed book, you need a minimum of 24 pages.

4. Publish and sell on your website or online

Please place it in different categories, which allow people to find you more often. Optimize your article with different keywords. To quickly move up in Google rankings, continue to share on your website.

5. Share with others

Share your posts to your Facebook pages or in your Facebook group if you have one set up. Always ask the group admin if you can post in other Facebook groups. Create a picture and post to Pinterest. Tweet. Record videos and upload them to your YouTube account. Do an Instagram post if you have an account there.

6. Link to your articles

Share links when it fits into your content context. You can internally link to another story on your website that might give additional information to enhance your story or article.

7. Find new places and publications

Increase your readership by submitting new stories to other platforms or publications.

Read all of their guidelines, review their recommended examples, and write to appeal to that publication?s audience.

Editors have the information they will share that tell you what types of content gets the highest number of reads. See what you write that gets the most attention and create more content like that.

8. Notice when you get asked to write for other publications.

Check the publication?s quality, the editor, readership, and other articles. If they seem to fit the style you like to write in, say yes! It?s a nice compliment.

9. Care about your readers

When you connect with readers on your email list, social media, and other community platforms, you?ll get a snapshot view of who your readers are. That will help you create more content to share with them.

10. Discover

What appealed to them to read what you wrote?

What helped them with their struggle?

Uplift with your words.

Continually improve your writing so your readers want to read more.

11. Repeat

Promote your story or article more than once.

Write a few stories, and then promote an earlier article or story to reach new readers. Repeat.


Stop blaming others for why you?re not getting more views.

If you are not making it as a writer, ask yourself why.

Step up for your reader and yourself???spread the word about your writing.


Feature your writing

Use social media

Email your mailing list

Publish on your website

Share with others

Link to your articles on your website

Put links to other stories at the bottom of your main story.

Connect with new publications

Consider invitations to write for other publications.

Care about your readers


You?ll be pleased with the attention and opportunities that come your way.