Be Committed to Your Writing Vision

From Writer To A Self Published Author

Many people have told me that they have a novel or idea for a book they always wanted to publish. I usually tell these aspiring writers that it can happen. If they are willing to listen, I tell them my story about how I self-published my books.

New set of different tools as a writer

I have always enjoyed writing, mostly for my enjoyment, but I knew I had a talent for creative writing. My first audience was friends at work. At lunch, I wrote chapters, which I shared with my co-workers, who were always excited about my new chapters.? I knew then, and I got excited; I had to do something with my writing.

Dream of seeing your words in print.

Like all aspiring writers, I, too, was engaged in making a living as well as dealing with life?s other distractions. I have had several different careers, but none gave me as much satisfaction as when people told me that they liked my writing.

How to become a self published author

I settled into a familiar routine of working for a living.? I met several people who had self-published and were selling online. They were offering classes and taught specific techniques of story and character development. It gave me a new set of different tools as a writer, and I began writing my first self-published books. The method of writing and self-publishing I learned made the process of writing much more structured and, as a result, made writing more manageable. You just need to be committed to your writing vision.

If you always wanted to publish

Next was an informative workshop on publishing a book. It was an informative class.? Publishing by a traditional publisher was not very likely. As a result the good news was that the instructor offered self-publishing classes for writers. I learned the technical support and expertise that I lacked and made it possible to self-publish my first book.

In conclusion, with motivation and dedication, and a little help from several instructors, I am now a published author. I love to share with others that they can realize their dream of seeing their words in print. You want to be committed to your writing vision. Believe in your work, and do not let anyone say you can?t. I am proof that you can!