Lack of Self Care Can Make You Unhappy

Lack of self care can make you unhappy, so focus on self-care in your life. Use these tips to create character plots and plot twists for your writing. As you are taking better care of your characters, also check in and see if you are taking better care of you.

Establishing a self-care routine is so crucial to adding stability to life. If you have any of these things showing up in your life that indicate you are not taking care of yourself, immediately begin to look for ways to change. Add the positive things that can lead to more self-care, being happier, feeling less stressed, and enjoying your routine. Self-care should be a priority for each of us so we can experience a more satisfying life.

Self-care is vital to contribute to your longer, happier life. Avoid or ignore this critical routine, and you might experience being tired, more stressed, or even unhappy. There are very definite signs that a lack of self-care might be happening in your life. It is so valuable to identify these things to correct quickly.

Things that show you need more focus on self-care in your life.

Stress and exhaustion

When you are not taking care of yourself, you’ll often feel stressed and exhausted. Stress or exhaustion can lead to a feeling of resentment or identify burnout signs. You might have your schedule focused on spending too much time taking care of others and spending little time taking care of yourself. Over time, avoiding self-care, you could end up resenting your loved ones.

Maintaining positive energy is difficult when you experience being stressed out or exhausted. Taking care of yourself reduces stress and boosts energy

Lack of Hygiene

Hygiene suffers when ignoring self-care. Signs of depression show up in several areas of life. When the person is experiencing long periods in bed, not taking showers, or brushing teeth show signs of depression. In that case, no signs of hygiene and no self-care are usually found. Another cycle that spirals downward and can affect other areas of mental health.

Pursuing unhealthy habits trying to produce enjoyment

There may be an increase in eating junk food, drinking alcohol, or even taking drugs to avoid the down feelings that might be happening. These behaviors to comfort can create other issues that produce the opposite impact. When trying to escape the depression, these habits can create even more escapism patterns or you may try to feel better temporarily by overindulging.

Increase in weight

Weight increase is typical in people who are not taking care of themselves. Again, this produces a downward spiral of weight gain, being unhappier with your body, more weight gain, and being unhappier. It makes releasing weight quite hard to do, so work at lowering weight and eating better. Self-care can help you avoid this potential problem.

Lower Self-Worth

Might feel like you are not good enough

Lower self-worth and not feeling good enough is another cycle: not feeling like you are worth it, so not caring for yourself. These give the personal feelings of never being good enough, so they don’t want to try. Being tired and juggling life’s responsibilities can lead to not taking care of you.

If any of these things are happening to you, take action and reverse the spiral.

If you are:

  • over eating-start a healthy eating plan
  • sleeping excessively-begin a healthy sleeping plan


Check in with you to see if lack of self care can make you unhappy. Correct where needed for your book plots and for your life.