Success Follows Success In Writing

Creating Success Using Mind Enhancement Techniques

As you review this story, look at ways you can use the information to enhance your characters.? Success follows success in writing. It is easy to apply this information if you have a character going through the same thing you might be going through.

You’re probably just as smart as the next guy.? Some people are born smart. They can possess incredible talents such as singing, playing an instrument, or solving exceptional math problems.

What about the person who seems to excel. Are you able to stay with your peers? Unless you’re the leader, the views usually are the same. Did you take an IQ test and found you were not a genius, but you have at least average intelligence?? You can determine what the difference is between you and the person who excels.

Your mind, using your brain, needs to be up-leveled.? Expand and maximize your intelligence.? Your body also needs to be expanded and maximized.? The muscle tone is there. Your body needs to be exercised and encouraged to develop.? As you enhance your mind, you strengthen your ability to achieve success.? Success follows success.

Using Video

Video programs and audio are two of the ways to generate mind improvement.? You decide, based on your learning style, which is better for you.? Your choice depends on whether you’re better audio or video learner; if you can utilize both, the better.

For the person on the go, audio mind enhancement programs, available on CD or MP3 download, are better. You can maximize your time, whether in the car or on the treadmill.? Many subjects are found, teaching you how to create a better life while restructuring the mind.

Video programs are great for in-home viewing without the distractions you might encounter with audio.? It also stimulates your visual senses and usually works better and faster than audio alone.

Video DVDs are available on numerous subjects, from creating a better memory to learning a new hobby. It’s good to stimulate your mind with something you enjoy. Still, you must also stretch your mind to include subjects you don’t normally encounter.

Hypnosis is another method that is quite popular and proven effective.? Hypnosis communicates between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to change for the better.

Your mind has stored in it an unbelievable amount of power.? Hypnosis can help release that power.? Hypnosis? makes you believe in your mind, strength, and yourself.

Where is the power

If you don’t believe the power’s there, it’s not there to help you and become enhanced. You can do this yourself if you will, but hypnosis can help expedite these constructive changes.

The mind is like any other part of the body😕 you use it or lose it.? It would be best if you exercised it daily with positive brain exercises.? Mind stimulating reading, puzzles, or learning a new subject keeps the brain fertile and active.? You will be astonished at what? grows by planting new seeds in your mind.

It is easy to apply this information if you have a character going through the same thing you might be going through. Success follows success in writing so you need to get started.


Real-life Behavior Can Enhance Your Ability to Write

Real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write

Life is always offering a fresh new perspective-real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write-.

The Silver Linings of Hopeless Situations

As you review this story, you can use this information to help yourself or to create characters in your dialogue that are more authentic. Drawing from real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write.~ Marjorie J McDonald

You?ve probably said it yourself and didn?t believe it😕 the old saying that behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.? It?s hard to have much faith in that advice when that cloud is dumping buckets of rain on your parade.? But, sure enough, it wasn?t long until the rain stopped and you were walking in the sunshine again.

It?s the same with hopeless situations.? We?ve all faced them when we know we?re going to lose or fail at something significant to us. ?It could be your business, a marriage, just a board game, or a game of cards.

Stop playing to win and start playing to learn

You?re playing your best, but no matter what you do, losing is inevitable.? Everything you did seemed right at the time, and by the time you discover your mistakes, it?s too late. First of all, it?s never too late until the game of life deals you the death card.

The game of Monopoly can be a perfect teacher of how to play your life.? We roll the dice, land on the right properties, and make the right buys.? Some players somehow bought better properties and built more prominent hotels, and stayed out of jail.? No matter what you did, you kept paying their rent and fines and had to mortgage your valuable holdings to stay afloat.

Playing at life can be a losing battle at times too.? You?re doing all the right things, you budget, plan for the future, but failure comes anyway.? No matter what you do, it all leads to the same outcome, like a bad dream where you?re moving in slow motion and you plod to the finish line that says loser.

You may be facing a hopeless situation at this very moment, and you?ve contemplated taking a long walk on a short pier.? Hey, it?s okay to lose if you turn those losses into gains!

If you realize there is no way to win, learn from your past mistakes, dust yourself off, and try again.? If you see you?re going to lose, stop playing to win and start playing to learn.? It?s when you discover that you win.

You?ve probably been focused on the long term gain and failed to see the mistakes you kept making in the past.? When you play to learn, there?s always some measure of victory.? Just like in Monopoly, you know from each roll of the dice.

playing dice

Analyze your past moves and see where you could have done better so you don?t make the same mistakes again.? There is always another roll of the dice and still another game to play.

Playing the game again doesn?t guarantee a win, but it guarantees another learning opportunity.? You may learn you lack the necessary skills ever to win until you master them.? If you?re stuck in this situation, find a way to get out of it and move forward.? Know that you can?t undo past mistakes, so don?t get stressed out over them.? Use them as stepping stones to a future win.

Real-life behavior can enhance your ability to write

Life is always offering a fresh new perspective if we choose to see it.? We all lose, and others have made the worst mistakes than you.? Be a gracious loser.? If, perchance, you?ve never failed, then maybe you?re not living life to its fullest and leave a lot of money (and happiness) on the table.? There are no hopeless situations when you turn them into learning experiences and search for the silver lining.