Focus on Your Breathing Unleashing the Peace Within-Part 2

Focus on Your Breathing

Now that we have the elements needed to meditate, time for you to try these techniques. If you sit in a chair, spread your leg apart a little and place your hands on your knees open palms up. Begin by starting to focus on your breathing.

The next step towards peace is to close your eyes and breathe in deeply and then slowly exhale the air. You need to repeat this process consistently, but you are doing a few important things while doing this. When first starting to meditate, you might find that as you relax, the things that bothered you during the day will begin to resurface and come to the forefront of your mind. Stop this during your meditation period to reduce stress. Say to your mind, I?ll take care of that later. While you are breathing, clear your mind chatter.

While breathing in slowly, concentrate in your mind’s eye on the number one and focus on the number as you exhale. When taking your next breath, change to a number two. Focus on the number two as you exhale. Each inhale, focus on the next number. If your focus gets away from you and you ?start thinking about making dinner or what you will do tomorrow, restart from number one. After a while, you will find that using this process will help you maintain that focus and bring out that inner peace more quickly.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, using the counting process and breathing helps a lot. Once again, it takes time to master the technique, but the more you practice, the better you will get.

Clearing Your Mind

The next step is to clear your mind. Clearing your mind can take a little bit of work and take a while to conquer. You will experience inner peace when you do achieve it. To clear your mind, you will not think of anything. The key is to focus on the space around you without thinking about it.

When you do this, a sense of peace will come over you. You will find that the endorphins in your body will give you a tingling feeling throughout the body, and you will be extremely calm. As time goes on, you will find that you can turn the tingling on at your own will, but that comes with practice.

Feel the Rush of Peace

While it can take a lifetime to achieve peace, when you let go of your surroundings, you are at peace. It feels like a whole new world when you are not being stressed. You can get to that place quickly anytime by moving your focus to your breathing.

When you feel that your time for meditation is over, slowly allow your mind to start to think. You will find that it is a lot easier than you think. Then slowly open your eyes and become more aware of your surroundings. Give yourself a good five minutes before you rush to get up, but when you do, you will feel more of a sense of peace and calm around your body, mind, and soul.

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