Journaling Also Gives Clarity To Your Problems

Journaling Also Gives Clarity To Your Problems

Look at the ideas from a new angle or perspective.

The Power Behind Regular Journaling

As you review journaling, how could you use your journals to enhance your characters?

How could you use your problem-solving methods to write how your characters could problem solve. Using your journals is a short-cut to adding authenticity to your writing. It is easy to add to your plot and give depth to your writing.

Let?s review journaling.

I am thankful for journaling and those who regularly do that. If our ancestors had not journaled, we would have lost much of history forever. We owe so much of our knowledge to our forefathers. We thank those who took made the time to make additions to their journals.

It was common for ship captains to keep daily logs while they were at sea. Many of our founding fathers kept journals as they formed our new nation. Long before that, scroll records with quill and ink.

Even hieroglyphics line the ancient tombs of the pharaohs giving us an insight into their lives. Cave dwellers recorded their history in caves. Where would we be now if it were not for those journals?

You may think, ?Sure, that?s all well and good for others, but I don?t have time???and even if I could find the time, nothing of any importance ever happens to me.?

Keeping journals for yourself provides value and what they can do for you regardless of your life position. That is enough of a reason. Your children and grandchildren will learn a lot about you from the journal you may start writing today.

We always think we?ll never forget what we did on a specific date. Or why you decided to buy that item you always wanted.

Mo Abraham said: ?The faintest ink is better than the most retentive mind.?

Writing down your thoughts and actions is easy, and one of the most compelling ways to remember and record your personal life.

Your brain thinks in a sequence of events. To the brain, everything has its place and is in order. The mind is capable of processing many thoughts at any given time and moment. As you could imagine, the ideas are like complete sentences that contain a beginning, then middle, and then an end.

Writing down your journal?s thoughts allows you to break free of your sequential thinking and look at the ideas from a new angle or perspective. View your thinking and problems from several angles. From a higher perspective, you will find no fences and also no boundaries. Your thinking can be set free with no restraints or any typical limits.

Journaling also gives clarity to your problems. It allows you to see and substantiate your progress. It?s easy to think you are making no progress, and there is nothing of importance that happened until you look at and reread your journal later. A situation you may have thought impossible to solve will suddenly present itself with a solution when you view the words you have written.

Be as specific as you can when making entries. It may seem unimportant to you at the time. However, later, you will see how everything came together and how events are still occurring when you look at the big picture. Write down your goals, intentions, obstacles, challenges, what you liked, and what you disliked. Make some notes of people who helped you and those who likely will be in your future.

You can create a journal as a book. Another way is to make the journal on your computer. There is software for this purpose that can help you. A journal might give you direction.

  • It shows where you have been
  • where you are now
  • where you?re going
  • what was important to you

Begin a journal today. You will gain more insight into yourself than you ever thought possible. You can also add depth to your writing by using what you journaled???just the overall journal entry, not anything too specific. Your characters would be imitating real life, and you would have developed more depth to your writing.