Highly Compassionate People-Three Top Habits

Three Habits of Highly Compassionate People

Most folks associate compassionate people as soft or weak.

However, compassionate people have an amazing superpower – they know how to use compassion, not as a weakness but as strength.

Everyday habits of a compassionate person.

1. They do not Take Things Personally

People with this trait have learned not to take things personally.

No focus on how much of a failure they are or how stupid they feel. They merely focus on the problem and do not internalize it as being about themselves. Focus allows them to take the next step.

2. Rebound and Move Forward Quickly

When compassionate people practice self-compassion and compassion for others, they can move forward and do so very quickly.

They do not make things about them the problem, mistake, or situation.

There is less worrying, contemplating, and talking about their problems. The focus is on moving forward and coming up with creative solutions.

3. They Come up with Solutions to Problems

Rather than contemplating, they come up with creative solutions to complex problems. People who have compassion can feel what it is like for someone else to experience pain, almost as if they were the ones experiencing it. This skill offers them a unique vantage point for problem-solving.

A compassionate person can feel into and see others’ pain points. This skill gives them a definite advantage when working to help others solve their problems.

This one quality has many benefits:

  • In a relationship, compassionate people can empathize with others and are better able to problem-solve.
  • Skills in business, compassionate people can identify and feel the client’s pain points, communicate with them with empathy, and help clients find and implement creative ideas and solutions.
  • In Social environments, compassionate people invite others to be vulnerable due to their trustworthy and empathic qualities.
  • Compassionate people have a superpower in being able to effectively listen to what people are saying and even if they are holding back, as well.

Common Traits of Compassionate People

Compassionate people have an uncanny sense of other people. This skill enables them to feel, see, and hear what others are experiencing. Compassion is an attractive quality. These people can draw near to the people who need their gifts, skills, and talents. This skill allows them to succeed and to excel in business settings and personal relationships as well.

The compassionate personality trait is not one of weakness. It is one of personal strength. Maintaining a balance between compassion and having firm boundaries is a winning combination.

Where in your life can you find ways to be more compassionate to yourself? How can you  be more compassionate to others?

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