Planning & Pre-Writing a Story for Kids

Writing a personal story helps in planning and pre-writing. A personal story is a true story about your life, and pre-writing is what you do before you write your story. In making a plan for your writing, you think about what will go on each page. Brainstorm and choose a topic for the story to get ready to plan and prewrite.

Here is an example: Write about when you got a new dog. First think about what important things happened. There are four pages so think about what will go on each page.

The first thing that happened was your mom told you that you could get a dog.Then you went to the store because they had some dogs that needed to be adopted.

Next you looked at all the dogs and you chose the one that you wanted.Last you got the dog some food and some toys.On your way home you can plan your story.When you are ready, write your draft.You can look at your plan to remember what to write on each page.This is a quick way to organize the details of your story and get it written.