For the Love Of The Zebra Finch

How to write about your pet finch

The Zebra finch is a popular pet with very entertaining habits. Writing about this finch will allow you to share why a person might want to be an owner.

The Zebra finch is a bird that originated in Australia. Popular in other parts of the world because of their cheerful nature and their busy lifestyle. The finch is full of activity. Being one of the easiest of the finch family to own as a pet, they are hardy, often living seven to ten years.

They are beautiful, usually low in cost, very active with their movement and singing. Finches are easy to raise and breed if you choose to go into that area in your finch adventure.

They enjoy other birds? company, so it is essential to buy several simultaneously and provide them with a larger size cage to fly around and have the room to do that.

The variety of patterns you can find with the Zebra Finch allows you to choose which type you prefer. The Finch varieties include the Fawn, Chestnut Flanked White, Lightback, Black or Orange Breasted, and the Black Creek.

The male is usually gray on the upper body and wings and has a white belly. You will commonly see a red and orange beak and an orange patch on their cheeks. They have a teardrop shape under the eye that ranges in color from orange, brown, tan, or fawn, depending on the finch.

The flanks, just below the wings, are a chestnut or orange color with white dots. The chest is a black and white stripe resembling a zebra, and that is where they get their name.

The female finch is gray on the upper body with white on their bellies too. Their beaks and legs are typically a lighter color, and the teardrop shape under their eyes is black.

In the wild, they live in dry areas and eat grass seeds as their main diet. Grass seeds are still the preferred diet for them if you decide to become a finch owner, and you can occasionally offer them fresh foods. You can offer them various choices of natural foods to see which ones they seem to like.

Being very individualistic, they have different likes and dislikes, so try out some other things and make notes of the foods they seem to enjoy the most.?Give them only the amount of fresh food they can eat in one day and remove any leftovers so the food does not spoil. Avoid foods like peppers, cabbage, and broccoli. That type of vegetable does not seem to agree well with their digestive systems.

Keep their seed bowl filled, give them fresh water daily, and enjoy their cheerful, busy, active lifestyles.

They are beautiful, fun to watch, and make great pets.

As a finch owner, it has been fun to explore the different types and varieties of this bird family. They are active, cheerful birds that require attention to their care to give them the long life they can have. Zebra Finches are the most fun and the easiest to care for, so enjoy learning more about your Finches.