Allow Your Finch to Be Extra Well Cared For and Healthy

Write about how Finches make great pets

Your Finches Cage Is Its Castle

Finches make great pets because they have so much personality. They are fun to watch because they are lively and usually appear very cheerful. So they have always been on my shortlist of kinds of pets I want to have and continue to have.

Finch birdcage

Because of their activity level, their cage’s size becomes one of the most important parts of owning this exciting pet. You know how you feel when your own home starts to feel cramped and cluttered. Your finch friend feels the same way, so plan for a minimum of two and a half feet in length or longer, if possible, since the finch gets their exercise by flying.

Who knew finches need exercise just like I need training. However, I have to walk or jog to get in my laps, as we used to call them in track class. We had to do so many laps before our exercise session finished.

For your finch, they need short flights, so have the cage and the arrangement of the things in the birdcage, feeders, swings, water, or perches arranged to have those open, uncluttered places where they can fly.

Imagine if your track had hurdles, it would be stressful for you to run, so do not stress your finch by putting things in its way. It will reward you by continuing to be active and healthy.

Where I live recently, they had the annual road-race, and each year it increases in numbers of runners. One of my friends ran. ?She prepared in advance by hydrating well the day before and the morning of the race. She did not experience any pain while running but said many around her were complaining. While they were getting water along the racecourse, it would have been easier for them to have hydrated before the race started.

Your finch needs to be well hydrated too. Put separate dishes of food and water and monitor them closely, so your feathered friend does not run out of either but mostly the water.

perches for finches

Finches like to have a place to perch. Provide various sizes so your finch’s feet can also exercise. If you did not have any physical issues but only exercised your arms, your legs would be cranky with you. While your finch doesn’t get cranky, you still should provide the items it needs to remain healthy. Many finch parents do not take excellent care of their finches, so I want to encourage you to think through all of the things that will allow your finch to be extra well cared for and healthy.

Some perches which do extra duty are cement perches, which keep your finches toenails trimmed, but if this is the only type you provide, it can be hard on the finches feet over time.

natural branche Finch perch

Natural perches from branches of trees or bushes are a nice change for your finches feet and undoubtedly easy to find in your local area. Use a bird protector disk to keep mites from traveling in on the branches or introduced to your finches cage.

Your finch loves toys in the cage to play with, so select a few toys at a time and change them out occasionally to give your finch variety. Some ideas might be swings, ladders, beads, and mirrors.

Another extra important thing about your fiches cage is to keep it clean.? Set up a weekly schedule to help you stay on track with this task. An additional birdcage to move your finches to while you are cleaning is a great idea and will help both you and your finches

Tools and supplies for cleaning the finch’s cage are:

  • hot, soapy water
  • rinse water
  • paper towels, newspaper, or brown paper bags for the bottom of the cage for easier cleanup

Use to clean the cage and all the accessories you have in the birdcage. Let everything dry.

When dry, it is time to bring your finches back to their clean home or castle, and your enjoyment of them can continue as their enjoyment of a clean house. We all like refreshing.

Speaking of being refreshed, put a small shallow dish of water for them to bathe several times a week. When I finish my exercise, I want a shower, so your finches want to wash too.

And there you have it. Your finch now can have a castle in your castle. I could add, just for humor’s sake, and you can both live happily ever after.? ? ?~ Marjorie J McDonald