We Were Encouraged to Win and Be The Best

Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Mind?

We can experience competition throughout our entire life, and it starts at a very early age. We were encouraged to win and be the best.? Frequently we think of competitions related to sporting events, but they happen in many areas of our lives.

Are you a competitive writer?

Are you a competitive writer? Think about the topic areas you write in and see if you have someone you are trying to outdo in that area of writing. Comparison with another writer does not allow you to write at your best.

Knowing about the competitions and tendencies of those in this kind of light can help you add those variations to your stories and add engaging content around your scene in your book or article.

Competition is good for business

Professors of economics will teach you that competition is good for business, especially for the consumer. Competition keeps a company or person on his best behavior. Companies offer the best products they can produce. They often compete to make better products than other competitors in their field.

Competition is a contest between two rivals and two or more parties? effort to secure a third party?s business by offering the most favorable terms for items.

We get our first taste of competition as a baby when we compete for exclusive attention from our mother. Competition continues as we grow older and compete for recognition from our siblings or classmates.

During our school years, we were always encouraged to win and be the best. Many schools teach it?s better to play a good game and not so necessary to win or be the best. Which is better could make for a long debate.

It?s challenging to be competitive without being jealous. Jealous is being intolerant of rivalry and vigilant in guarding a possession. The dictionary also describes being jealous as distrustfully watchful and suspicious. Some of these qualities are not ones we want to cultivate.

Competition may be advantageous to a point

As we become competitive and jealous, we learn to believe that another person?s success lessens our own. In business, we want that exclusive contract with X Company. As a person, we demand complete love from our mate. We may want a bigger house and a fancier car than a neighbor. Competition may be advantageous to a point as long as it doesn?t render us jealous and possessive.

We must think of the world as abundantly filled with enough for everyone. If we don?t have as much as our business associates and neighbors, we should be happy for their success and help them achieve more if possible. It?s impossible to help others achieve without helping ourselves at the same time.

We?re all born with our talents

We?re all born with our talents, and others have skills we?ll never possess. We?ll probably never win an Olympic gold medal, but we?re happy for those who do. We enjoy their accomplishments vicariously. Many watch athletic events and cheer on their team and celebrate their victory. We must do this in everyday life as well. All sports teams encourage their teams to win and be the best.

We were encouraged to win and be the best.

Learn from others who might be better than you and improve. Surround yourself with happy, successful people, and you?ll be happy and prosperous too. Strive not to be in competition and jealous of everyone but to work with everyone to achieve a common goal. If you lose something after you?ve done all you can to keep or gain it, try to be happy for whoever gained it.

You can be inspired with success, whether it?s yours or others. Strive to be the best but avoid jealousy. Enjoy life and each day in it. Not allowing your ego to get in the way of life filled with happiness in important. You are part of the world as a whole. Fill it the best you can. Remember, we were encouraged to win and be the best.