Centering Is The Art of Being Fully Alive

Living On Purpose-One Rock At A Time-The tough thing is to be fully present.? ?Begin to experience that centering is the art of being fully alive.

I just got back from a vacation. I had a week of relaxing, re-energizing, and revisiting my life’s fundamental values. The lodge where I stayed is very peaceful, and it has a chapel on the premises.

I’ve visited this area and this chapel many times over the years. The chapel is at the end of a steep ten-minute hike, which has become a must for me. The view at the top is breathtaking.

Now that you are alive

On the way down one morning, I was in a hurry and going too fast for the terrain. I nearly fell. There were lots of rocks, and it was easy to hit a wobbly one and slip.

Centering is the art of being fully alive

I made myself slow down, took a deep breath, and placed my foot down purposefully on the next rock and then the next. Soon I sped up and had to slow myself down again.

I decided that even if I were late, I would consciously place each foot every time I took a step. It took determination for me to do this.

But it turned out to be a fantastic centering and meditative practice. One rock at a time ? that’s all I chose to think. I became suddenly more aware of everything ? the sound of the wind, the chattering of birds and squirrels, and the light of the early morning sun on the golden aspens.

Be Present

I thought: I should do this more frequently. Be present. Feel the touch of the rock under my foot. Feel the steering wheel as I drive. BE at the stoplight, instead of minutes or hours ahead at the destination. Hear the birds outside my office window. Experience centering is the art of being fully alive and improves with practice.

I begin to think that multitasking is overrated. The tough thing is to be fully present in one place at a time.

Are you aware at this moment? Or does life seem to speed up?? Are you missing some of the essential things that are happening? Take time and breathe. Count slowly to five on the inhale, hold for five, and count slowly to five on your exhale. Take your time. As a result, it is now that you are alive, not yesterday and not tomorrow. ?Now.

“Centering is the art of being fully alive. And wherever the art of Centering is practiced, things change dramatically.” ? Tom Crum, “Journey to Center”