How to Correct The Bad Habit of Not Writing

How to correct the bad habit of not writing. The first step in identifying your habits that might be bad is admitting you might have them.? At first, they didn’t seem so bad.

They were just not that important, or you considered them insignificant. As a result, you reason you could break them or stop them any time you want.

However, bad habits often feel so good at first. If you are used to eating more than your body needs, and you add one more ladle of gravy on your mashed potatoes, because it goes so well with the chicken fried steak.? This reasoning is how we justify overeating to ourselves.

We do the same with writing. I can write that later or no-one wants to read what I would write. My grade school teacher said I couldn’t write.

Lying to you was hard the first time, but it got easier. I’ll write that story later; I have plenty of time. Your bad habits have a way of getting easier.

Check your excuses

The excuses you have used to delay writing are addictive, and your mind will find ways of rationalizing them. Over time it can become a typical behavior to put off your writing tasks.

When you’re ready to be serious about writing and take back control of your life, identify which behavior has been a habit that you need to change. Please make a list of them and see what the things that also contribute are. Behavior often travels in groups.

A bad habit concerning your writing might be the thought you say to yourself about “I don’t know what genre to write in or how to tell my story.” The most common reason is, “I just do not have time.”

How to correct the bad habit of not writing.

  • Admit you feel stuck
  • Identify which parts you feel stuck in
  • Write the reasons with a possible solution so you can get started with your story, article, or book.

Be specific.? Pair the items together that are included in the decision not to write. How often do you indulge in this habit, and how does it affect your life? The longer you use the bad habit, the more difficult it will be to give it up?all the more reason to get started now.

Did your habit of not writing cost you money?

If the habit pattern of not writing or publishing cost you money, see if you can determine how much it cost you over the years. Where you could be now and how you could have used that payment.

The bad habit of not writing may not just impact you in the money but also your physical and emotional health.? It could be delaying or preventing you from achieving your dreams and goals for a much better life.

Bad habits of not following through with your writing waste time, strength, and money.? They can bug you until you find a way to live with them rather than kick the habit. Your reason, I will write later. It is OK that my friends are getting paid to write and I am not. Is it really OK?

Now, write down the good habits that you want to acquire with your writing.? Good habits could be just the opposite of your bad habit.? A bad habit could be refusing to finish writing your book.

How do you get started

A good practice could be to start writing a small amount at a time. Give yourself a time deadline when you say in with the good and out with the bad. This year is the year I will write ______.

Put the list of good writing habits where you see them each day.? Bad habits are always easy to form, but good habits will take a bit of practice to change.? You need all the help each day you can get, and if they?re staring you in the face every day, the constant positive reinforcement will start and begin to encourage you.

You might feel uncomfortable at first, but good habits will get more comfortable over time when you nourish these good habits.

Change your routine

Stay away from anyone or anything that might distract you.

Replace that empty feeling with a reward for completing

As the old habit leaves your routine, replace it with something that feels better and is good.

Ask for help if needed, and become emotionally and physically healthy. This is how to correct the bad habit of not writing.