Make Today a Better Place to Be

Memories mixed with a little creativity improve everything

Celebrate the past in the?present

Using our family history gives us a place to remember and record our comparisons to what happened then and what is happening now. It can bring many happy memories and a few that are not so happy. Both help make today a better place to be and encourage us to make tomorrow even better.

Memories mixed with a little creativity can improve everything. Those memories allow us to remember and cherish those things that helped us become who we are today as individuals and communities. It?s also like having a flashlight on those things that can use improvement.

Women have always had a role in keeping the history of their families and communities alive through storytelling, handing down recipes, and keeping family treasures safe. They celebrate our family heritage with inspiring stories.

Women have always had a role in keeping the history of their families and communities alive through storytelling, handing down recipes, and keeping family treasures safe. They celebrate our family heritage with inspiring stories.

My mother taught school for many years, and every few years, she would have the children bring in a favorite family recipe. The recipes formed a cookbook. The cover of the cookbook was the child?s art project for that part of the school year. That became the Mother?s Day gift for the child to give their mom. We always got to try all of the recipes, and I still use some of them today, many years later, as they still are among my favorites.

Even you men can write stories about what you remember about the ladies in your family. They kept family traditions to help us remember what was important to our families and our local communities. Even in the organizations, we belonged to or now belong to; there was a historian. They kept track of the events every year.

Now write about the men in your family. My grandparents went from horse and buggy days to the moon shot in their life span. Just think about what your families have experienced and be willing to share those stories with others. They are inspiring and encouraging to everyone when we read of events and weather the storms or the happy events and continue forward in life.

Comparing stories when you are at family?reunions

You can always celebrate the past in the present. You are noticing the stories and the happenings of the family and friends around you. Think back in your earlier years and see what you can remember and write about it. Others in your family might remember the events differently, so have fun comparing stories when you are at family reunions or gatherings. See whose version wins for that event, and next time bring another fun story about your family.

The history and the traditions usually are carried out year after year because they were unique to those around us. Adding to those stories is the younger generation?s privilege. One to be kept so we can see the progress we have made. Also, we see the extraordinary things that have taken place in our lifetimes.

Creative Writing – How Do I Start?

Have the confidence to express your perspective .

You are the only one that can tell your story or write about your topic as it is the information from your point of view. Everyone sees events from a different perspective, so your opinion is just as important as the next person. It can relieve many stresses and writers’ block if you only recognize that one point.

Have you ever heard information and did not get it until someone else told you the same story in a different way? Well, that is what happens to your reader. Some people see pictures; some can hear the information, feel, and connect with that part of your data.

People might connect with how you write better than how someone else has given them the information. Have the confidence to express your perspective on any subject, knowing that there will be those who connect. Those who do not is what makes it so easy to start to write.

You have a point of view, and somewhere there is an audience who can understand the information from your perspective. Just write and share with your reader what your idea or information is about and go on to the next article, story, or type of writing you want to do. Get over wanting to have everyone approve of you, and you will be amazed at the number of people who will.

Try to tell your reader the information.

Show them pictures by your word descriptions.

Include the feelings about how you feel about what you are writing

Include the feelings of the characters you are writing about or the others involved with the story.

Keep these keys handy when writing:

Did they see my word pictures?

Did they hear my story by the way I was telling it?

Did they feel the emotions of who I was writing about and the included events?

How to Regularly Share Your?Writing

11 Ways to reach more?readers

Start today and begin to promote your writing. Do it more efficiently by following these guidelines.

1. Feature your story on your website

Featuring your articles or stories is a great way to showcase your best work. Sharing can also boost views to an earlier post that could use more attention.

2. Post to your social media accounts in various forms

A weekly wrap up with links to multiple articles is one way to get your stories to more readers. Put a short comment sharing what inspired you to begin writing. Occasionally post your whole story.

Posting content regularly is best. Choose a schedule and continue with it.

Once a day.

Once a week

Every 2 weeks

Once a month.

Hire a virtual assistant if you need to do that.

3. Email your mailing list

Regularly share your writing with your list. Your list wants to hear from you. If you don?t have an eBook, transform one of your most popular articles into one. If you want a digital copy for sale, there is no length limit. If you want a printed book, you need a minimum of 24 pages.

4. Publish and sell on your website or online

Please place it in different categories, which allow people to find you more often. Optimize your article with different keywords. To quickly move up in Google rankings, continue to share on your website.

5. Share with others

Share your posts to your Facebook pages or in your Facebook group if you have one set up. Always ask the group admin if you can post in other Facebook groups. Create a picture and post to Pinterest. Tweet. Record videos and upload them to your YouTube account. Do an Instagram post if you have an account there.

6. Link to your articles

Share links when it fits into your content context. You can internally link to another story on your website that might give additional information to enhance your story or article.

7. Find new places and publications

Increase your readership by submitting new stories to other platforms or publications.

Read all of their guidelines, review their recommended examples, and write to appeal to that publication?s audience.

Editors have the information they will share that tell you what types of content gets the highest number of reads. See what you write that gets the most attention and create more content like that.

8. Notice when you get asked to write for other publications.

Check the publication?s quality, the editor, readership, and other articles. If they seem to fit the style you like to write in, say yes! It?s a nice compliment.

9. Care about your readers

When you connect with readers on your email list, social media, and other community platforms, you?ll get a snapshot view of who your readers are. That will help you create more content to share with them.

10. Discover

What appealed to them to read what you wrote?

What helped them with their struggle?

Uplift with your words.

Continually improve your writing so your readers want to read more.

11. Repeat

Promote your story or article more than once.

Write a few stories, and then promote an earlier article or story to reach new readers. Repeat.


Stop blaming others for why you?re not getting more views.

If you are not making it as a writer, ask yourself why.

Step up for your reader and yourself???spread the word about your writing.


Feature your writing

Use social media

Email your mailing list

Publish on your website

Share with others

Link to your articles on your website

Put links to other stories at the bottom of your main story.

Connect with new publications

Consider invitations to write for other publications.

Care about your readers


You?ll be pleased with the attention and opportunities that come your way.

Add to The Charm of Your Characters

How to Enrich Your Character Writing

When you are writing your stories or a book, think about the different seasons of your characters’ lives. In life, we have spring, summer, fall, and winter. Add to the charm of your stories by adding the details from each season.

This story looks at a character who has gone through life.? They are experiencing more of the things found in their winter season. See if these details could enrich the lives of the characters you are featuring in your writing.

Your winter season character will have thoughts like:

You know that time has a way of moving quickly. It catches you, not noticing or being unaware of the years that have passed. It seems like yesterday that:

I was young

just married

embarking on my new life with my mate.


In a way, it seems like many years ago. I wonder where those years have gone.

I know that I lived through them. I have memories of how it was then and memories of all my hopes, of all my dreams. Here it is, the winter years of my life, and it caught me by surprise. How could this be possible? How did it get here so quickly? Where did all of those years go, and where did my youth go? I remember seeing older people through the years and thinking that those “older people” were years away from me. That the winter season of my life was so far off that, I could not fully imagine what it would look like or be like to arrive there.

Nowadays my friends are retired and getting grey, they move slower, and I see an older person. Some friends are in better shape and worse shape than I am, but I see a significant difference. Their age is starting to show, and we are now the older people that we saw and did not think we would ever see.

Every day now, I find that just taking a shower is a real project for the day! A plan to move on my own free will keep me from falling asleep where I am sitting!

As I enter this winter season of my life, I notice many things.? I am often unprepared for all the aches and pains.? The occasional loss of strength along with the ability to go and do things that I wish I had done. I remember not doing them or just never taking the time!!

Now, I know that the winter has come, a new adventure has begun!

Some regrets or things I could have decided not to do. Some things I have happy memories of doing. Finding some things I still want to do. It’s all in a lifetime.

Each season of your life comes faster than you think it will. Do the things you want to do as soon as you can.

Find a way to add them to your schedule of experiences on your bucket list.

Life goes by fast. So,? say the things you want or need to say. Be in today as

you move forward on your journey.

I hope that your family and friends appreciate and love you.

“Life” is a GIFT to you from you to yourself and others.

Remember: It is Your Health that is Real Wealth.

You may find you ask more questions about “what?” or when?”

You might find you have three sizes of clothes in your closet. 2 of which you will never wear.

“Old” is useful in some things:

Old Songs

Old movies

Old recipes



Unexpected Twists and Conflicts

Add depth to your character exchanges

Allow Your Finch to Be Extra Well Cared For and Healthy

Write about how Finches make great pets

Your Finches Cage Is Its Castle

Finches make great pets because they have so much personality. They are fun to watch because they are lively and usually appear very cheerful. So they have always been on my shortlist of kinds of pets I want to have and continue to have.

Finch birdcage

Because of their activity level, their cage’s size becomes one of the most important parts of owning this exciting pet. You know how you feel when your own home starts to feel cramped and cluttered. Your finch friend feels the same way, so plan for a minimum of two and a half feet in length or longer, if possible, since the finch gets their exercise by flying.

Who knew finches need exercise just like I need training. However, I have to walk or jog to get in my laps, as we used to call them in track class. We had to do so many laps before our exercise session finished.

For your finch, they need short flights, so have the cage and the arrangement of the things in the birdcage, feeders, swings, water, or perches arranged to have those open, uncluttered places where they can fly.

Imagine if your track had hurdles, it would be stressful for you to run, so do not stress your finch by putting things in its way. It will reward you by continuing to be active and healthy.

Where I live recently, they had the annual road-race, and each year it increases in numbers of runners. One of my friends ran. ?She prepared in advance by hydrating well the day before and the morning of the race. She did not experience any pain while running but said many around her were complaining. While they were getting water along the racecourse, it would have been easier for them to have hydrated before the race started.

Your finch needs to be well hydrated too. Put separate dishes of food and water and monitor them closely, so your feathered friend does not run out of either but mostly the water.

perches for finches

Finches like to have a place to perch. Provide various sizes so your finch’s feet can also exercise. If you did not have any physical issues but only exercised your arms, your legs would be cranky with you. While your finch doesn’t get cranky, you still should provide the items it needs to remain healthy. Many finch parents do not take excellent care of their finches, so I want to encourage you to think through all of the things that will allow your finch to be extra well cared for and healthy.

Some perches which do extra duty are cement perches, which keep your finches toenails trimmed, but if this is the only type you provide, it can be hard on the finches feet over time.

natural branche Finch perch

Natural perches from branches of trees or bushes are a nice change for your finches feet and undoubtedly easy to find in your local area. Use a bird protector disk to keep mites from traveling in on the branches or introduced to your finches cage.

Your finch loves toys in the cage to play with, so select a few toys at a time and change them out occasionally to give your finch variety. Some ideas might be swings, ladders, beads, and mirrors.

Another extra important thing about your fiches cage is to keep it clean.? Set up a weekly schedule to help you stay on track with this task. An additional birdcage to move your finches to while you are cleaning is a great idea and will help both you and your finches

Tools and supplies for cleaning the finch’s cage are:

  • hot, soapy water
  • rinse water
  • paper towels, newspaper, or brown paper bags for the bottom of the cage for easier cleanup

Use to clean the cage and all the accessories you have in the birdcage. Let everything dry.

When dry, it is time to bring your finches back to their clean home or castle, and your enjoyment of them can continue as their enjoyment of a clean house. We all like refreshing.

Speaking of being refreshed, put a small shallow dish of water for them to bathe several times a week. When I finish my exercise, I want a shower, so your finches want to wash too.

And there you have it. Your finch now can have a castle in your castle. I could add, just for humor’s sake, and you can both live happily ever after.? ? ?~ Marjorie J McDonald

How to Write About the Society Finch

Great additions to your pet family

Learning about the difference in each of these Finches, the Gouldian, the Zebra, and now the Society Finch, will help you zero in on details you could use for the characters for your books. Learn about their personalities and actions to see if you could add extra layers to your book characters. It is a simple way to enhance your stories and make writing more fun.

The Social Nature Of The Society Finch

One type of finch in the finch world is so friendly that they are called Society Finches. Because of their nature, they need to be kept in a group to interact with the other finches.

Often Society Finches are busy-bodies and want to interrupt those in the community that appears to enjoy more privacy, mainly when they are breeding. Not considered aggressive behavior on their part, just their nature.

They make great additions to your pet family because of their social activity and behavior and are fun to watch. They are friendly, have an excellent easy-going temperament, are easy to take care of, and usually not very expensive to buy.

While people are not sure of this finch?s origin, it is usually thought to be about 300 years ago and often documented that breeders from China and Japan started this finches line.

They are usually pure white, fawn, white, or chocolate and white, and when full-grown, they range from four and 1/4 to four and 3/4 inches long. Each one of this finch family is unique in their appearance. Occasionally you will find tri-colored finches, crested finches, and solid-colored finches all within the Society Finch family. Lots of variety to select from, which makes it more fun.

You will need to give them fresh food and change their water every day. They particularly like the finch seed mix, which is readily available. In a different cup, they also like chickweed and spinach. For the trace minerals they need, you can scatter grit on the cage?s bottom or put it in another container inside the birdcage. Occasional special treats are foods like egg foods, apples, pears, unusual mixes of seeds, honey fruits, and some vegetables.

An additional thing they need in their diet is calcium. Provide this in items called a cuttlebone, which also gives them lime for their digestion. The benefits of this dietary addition are your finch will have a strong beak, strong eggshells if you choose to breed them, and prevents egg binding in the female finch.

The most frequent reason a Society Finch gets sick is

? a poor diet

? if their cage is not kept clean

? or they may have been somewhere that was drafty and got chilled.

Prevent these things by

? a well-balanced diet

? a warm and clean environment

? the size cage that allows them to get exercise

? room for them to fly about their birdcage

They love to have baths, so provide them with a shallow bowl of water or a bathhouse inside their cage.

These things contribute to a happy, healthy Society Finch and many hours of enjoyment for you as their finch parent.

Having a happy and healthy finch is essential to your enjoyment of this very social and active type of finch.

Finches Are Friendly, Active, Happy Birds

Extra tips for writing about your pet finch

Consider Finches As Pets

The Gouldian Finch. One of the most colorful of this type of bird. Writing about this finch will allow you to share why a person might want to be an owner.

The finch is a beautiful pet and very popular with people who live in apartments, have homes, have other pets, or have children or a combination of all of these.

The more common varieties include the Society Finch, the Zebra Finch, and the Gouldian Finch. These finches come in a variety of colors, and they have unique personalities.

Very social, and they do not mind sharing their cages with other finches as long as the birdcage is large enough for them to fly and roam around in the birdcage. They must have the room to pass from one perch to another. Arrange the birdcage so no accessories are in their way. Do not overcrowd your birdcages with perches, toys, or containers.

They need maybe one toy, a portable branch to perch on because they love the variety, and a mirror because they love looking at themselves. Finches like having baths. Pampering them once a week is ideal. They love to roll in moist grasses.? Damp dandelion leaves and grasses are a treat when you sprinkle them around the bottom of their cages.

They do best in a group that is approximately the same size bird as they are. Avoid larger birds like parakeets or other hard-billed birds that might become aggressive toward the finch because it is smaller in size.

Also, if there is overcrowding, the birds can pick at the birds’ feathers around them. If you notice fighting or bullying, the birds need to be separated. Move the bird from the others that are behaving like that in the cage.

Finches are known to be friendly, active, and happy birds so that any other behavior might indicate a problem with your feathered friend. Finches prefer to play with other finches, so do not require a great deal of attention from their human owner. They can be finger tamed with patience.

For grooming, they will let you place them in your palm on their back. Be sure you wrap your fingers around them gently with the forefinger and thumb on either side of the head to support them. In this position, you can trim their nails.

You will be entertained for hours by these birds because they tend to be quieter yet engaging. They don’t cost a lot and will undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment with their quirky little personalities. They can be busy and enjoyable to watch with their singing and happy little voices. They are such unique little creatures and fun to own as pets. Watch the video of the Gouldian Finch dancing. So adorable.

For the Love Of The Zebra Finch

How to write about your pet finch

The Zebra finch is a popular pet with very entertaining habits. Writing about this finch will allow you to share why a person might want to be an owner.

The Zebra finch is a bird that originated in Australia. Popular in other parts of the world because of their cheerful nature and their busy lifestyle. The finch is full of activity. Being one of the easiest of the finch family to own as a pet, they are hardy, often living seven to ten years.

They are beautiful, usually low in cost, very active with their movement and singing. Finches are easy to raise and breed if you choose to go into that area in your finch adventure.

They enjoy other birds? company, so it is essential to buy several simultaneously and provide them with a larger size cage to fly around and have the room to do that.

The variety of patterns you can find with the Zebra Finch allows you to choose which type you prefer. The Finch varieties include the Fawn, Chestnut Flanked White, Lightback, Black or Orange Breasted, and the Black Creek.

The male is usually gray on the upper body and wings and has a white belly. You will commonly see a red and orange beak and an orange patch on their cheeks. They have a teardrop shape under the eye that ranges in color from orange, brown, tan, or fawn, depending on the finch.

The flanks, just below the wings, are a chestnut or orange color with white dots. The chest is a black and white stripe resembling a zebra, and that is where they get their name.

The female finch is gray on the upper body with white on their bellies too. Their beaks and legs are typically a lighter color, and the teardrop shape under their eyes is black.

In the wild, they live in dry areas and eat grass seeds as their main diet. Grass seeds are still the preferred diet for them if you decide to become a finch owner, and you can occasionally offer them fresh foods. You can offer them various choices of natural foods to see which ones they seem to like.

Being very individualistic, they have different likes and dislikes, so try out some other things and make notes of the foods they seem to enjoy the most.?Give them only the amount of fresh food they can eat in one day and remove any leftovers so the food does not spoil. Avoid foods like peppers, cabbage, and broccoli. That type of vegetable does not seem to agree well with their digestive systems.

Keep their seed bowl filled, give them fresh water daily, and enjoy their cheerful, busy, active lifestyles.

They are beautiful, fun to watch, and make great pets.

As a finch owner, it has been fun to explore the different types and varieties of this bird family. They are active, cheerful birds that require attention to their care to give them the long life they can have. Zebra Finches are the most fun and the easiest to care for, so enjoy learning more about your Finches.