How to Experience Making Decisions

How to Experience The Free Choice of Making Decisions

How to experience making decisions.

The power and importance of our decisions. ?We have to learn how to experience making decisions so we can change our lives or the lives of our characters.

Making Clear, Conscious Decisions to Control Your Life

The following study of decision making can help you with your character dialogue to make it more authentic.

Humanity experiences the free choice of making decisions.? These decisions can either enrich our life or cause them to be worse.? Every day we make dozens, even hundreds of decisions, most without even thinking.

Daily we decide

  • when to get up
  • what to eat
  • what to wear
  • our destination or what route to take to work

These choices happen routinely.

  • Some require more insight
  • such as who to date
  • who to marry
  • where to vacation
  • the best car to buy
  • which neighborhood is best for schools and security

Whether major or minor, the decisions we make can affect our lives.?? We have to make these life decisions.? Some approach decision making with reluctance and dread.? Sometimes we are afraid of the discovery of the consequences.? Sure, almost any decision we make could involve conflict and sometimes dissatisfaction.? We must decide to take control and accept whatever the outcome, bad or good.

Decision making is like paying a bill.? The bill must be paid and usually within a specific time frame.? If we’re late paying our electric bill, the consequences can be the discontinuance of power or a late fee.

The power and importance of our decisions

If you fail to decide on a time, it moves out of your hands.? It then can be placed in the hands of others.? Avoiding decisions or avoiding paying bills may seem more comfortable, but results are rarely desirable.

The power and importance of our decisions Why must you make a decision?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Identify the purpose, determine what has to be solved and when.? It might make the problem more evident if you make a pro and con list.? Study the plan and the different choices and evaluate each in terms of consequences.? If I decide what will happen and if I make another decision, this is the result.

Decisions we make can affect our lives

Determine the best decision, evaluate the outcome, and make the decision.? People can often criticize for making the wrong decision. Still, you’ve done the best you can with all the information available, and you moved forward.? You made a decision.? You did something before being run over from behind.? The only people who avoid criticism are those who do nothing.

A critical decision can alter your life.? Accept this fact and approach it with eagerness.? In the movie Sliding Doors, a woman’s life changes dramatically because she failed to make it through a sliding door.

The movie allows us to see how she handles each set of circumstances. The movie is probably an over-dramatization, but it illustrates the power and importance of our decisions.

We make dozens of decisions without even thinking

Gather information on the decision to be made, determine the best alternative, and put that decision into action.? Look back only to learn from your past choices but don’t dwell on them.? Move ahead and focus on your future.? Decision making requires a plan. If you don’t know where you’re going, then one decision is as right as the other.

It’s a good feeling to make a conscious decision about yourself and your life. Each time you do this, the process becomes more comfortable, and your confidence builds.? Commit, make a difference, and take control of your life.

We have to learn how to experience making decisions so we can change our lives or the lives of our characters.