Finches Are Friendly, Active, Happy Birds

Gouldian Finch

Extra tips for writing about your pet finch

Consider Finches As Pets

The Gouldian Finch. One of the most colorful of this type of bird. Writing about this finch will allow you to share why a person might want to be an owner.

The finch is a beautiful pet and very popular with people who live in apartments, have homes, have other pets, or have children or a combination of all of these.

The more common varieties include the Society Finch, the Zebra Finch, and the Gouldian Finch. These finches come in a variety of colors, and they have unique personalities.

Very social, and they do not mind sharing their cages with other finches as long as the birdcage is large enough for them to fly and roam around in the birdcage. They must have the room to pass from one perch to another. Arrange the birdcage so no accessories are in their way. Do not overcrowd your birdcages with perches, toys, or containers.

They need maybe one toy, a portable branch to perch on because they love the variety, and a mirror because they love looking at themselves. Finches like having baths. Pampering them once a week is ideal. They love to roll in moist grasses.? Damp dandelion leaves and grasses are a treat when you sprinkle them around the bottom of their cages.

They do best in a group that is approximately the same size bird as they are. Avoid larger birds like parakeets or other hard-billed birds that might become aggressive toward the finch because it is smaller in size.

Also, if there is overcrowding, the birds can pick at the birds’ feathers around them. If you notice fighting or bullying, the birds need to be separated. Move the bird from the others that are behaving like that in the cage.

Finches are known to be friendly, active, and happy birds so that any other behavior might indicate a problem with your feathered friend. Finches prefer to play with other finches, so do not require a great deal of attention from their human owner. They can be finger tamed with patience.

For grooming, they will let you place them in your palm on their back. Be sure you wrap your fingers around them gently with the forefinger and thumb on either side of the head to support them. In this position, you can trim their nails.

You will be entertained for hours by these birds because they tend to be quieter yet engaging. They don’t cost a lot and will undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment with their quirky little personalities. They can be busy and enjoyable to watch with their singing and happy little voices. They are such unique little creatures and fun to own as pets. Watch the video of the Gouldian Finch dancing. So adorable.