This book is an exciting read through Elijah’s life. You can click on the picture above or the link and find the Kindle version and or the paperback version.

A young boy named Elijah is trapped in a fire. A blind beggar receives his sight when he touches and helps him out of the fire. The beggar took him to the priest in the little village with one church, a store, and a mill. By the time the boy was 13, his fame had spread all over the area.

People came from all around to receive healing. Elijah convinced the old priest to turn the service over to him. He reads God’s word daily and brings in musicians to play on Sunday. The service starts on Saturday evening when the sun goes down and lasts until the sun goes down on Sunday evening.

The story takes you through Elijah’s life, the miracles he saw, his relationship with the King’s daughter, and their marriage.

When he has a huge crowd, the little church and the town turn into a place that can bless thousands during the service.

The church sends a notice, draws him in, and puts him on trial. He is condemned to death.

The story takes you through the amazing gifts of God, the Holy Spirit, healing, and long-suffering.

Eventually, they have an old soldier who teaches them how to fight. The king hires the soldier with a few others to guard Elijah and his daughter, who will soon be Queen.

The old soldier gained a reputation for not killing people but making it impossible for them to reach Elijah. They called him the surgeon, and when he hit, you enough to take out a finger or a muscle connected to it where you could no longer be a fighter but still hold a plow.

Jarrell and Elijah had an orphanage 30 miles out of the city in the wilderness. They make a life for themselves, and only as a second child is coming do they notice an army is heading toward them. She wanted to make a run for it and get back home to her family to have her next child.