Creative Writing – How Do I Start?

creative writing secrets

Have the confidence to express your perspective .

You are the only one that can tell your story or write about your topic as it is the information from your point of view. Everyone sees events from a different perspective, so your opinion is just as important as the next person. It can relieve many stresses and writers’ block if you only recognize that one point.

Have you ever heard information and did not get it until someone else told you the same story in a different way? Well, that is what happens to your reader. Some people see pictures; some can hear the information, feel, and connect with that part of your data.

People might connect with how you write better than how someone else has given them the information. Have the confidence to express your perspective on any subject, knowing that there will be those who connect. Those who do not is what makes it so easy to start to write.

You have a point of view, and somewhere there is an audience who can understand the information from your perspective. Just write and share with your reader what your idea or information is about and go on to the next article, story, or type of writing you want to do. Get over wanting to have everyone approve of you, and you will be amazed at the number of people who will.

Try to tell your reader the information.

Show them pictures by your word descriptions.

Include the feelings about how you feel about what you are writing

Include the feelings of the characters you are writing about or the others involved with the story.

Keep these keys handy when writing:

Did they see my word pictures?

Did they hear my story by the way I was telling it?

Did they feel the emotions of who I was writing about and the included events?