A Book Trailer Is A Snapshot Of Your Book

A book trailer is a snapshot of your book. Trailers give someone who may be interested in purchasing your book a look inside. Book trailers are short videos with an invitation at the end to buy your book.

Post your book trailers to many social media platforms to increase your traffic to your book purchase page.

See the example below of a book and the trailer that goes with it. Follow the steps to see the process. If you are interested in learning how to create these mini introductions for your book, a class is available for you.

bob bumblee and the butterfly bush

Today is Bob Bumblebees first time to go to the flower garden close to where he lives. He wants to show off his flower dance and bring home nectar from the flowers. However, Bob is afraid of the enormous butterflies that swarm over the purple butterfly bush in the middle of the garden near the daylily bed.

He wants to bring home some of the special nectar from the butterfly bush, but can he overcome his fear of butterflies in order to do so?

Join Bob? on his adventure in the flower garden and learn how he overcame his fear, and who helped him. Tap on the lower right corner of each picture for more of the story. See how to join? here.

When you are doing trailers that you want to put on different platforms you need to create the video that matches the platforms dimensions.

Trailer Sample 1 for Bob Bumblebee is square-see that video here. Version 1?? Notice size/style of the video.

Trailer Sample 2 for Bob Bumblebee is rectangular-see that video here. Version 2? ?Notice size/style of the video.

Monarch Butterfly the King of the ButterfliesIf you liked the trailers for Bob Bumblebee and the Butterfly bush you may also like the trailer for Monarch Butterfly King of the Butterflies.

I have always enjoyed the Monarch butterfly. They are so beautiful and seem so majestic. They are called the king of the butterflies and I agree that, at least from my perspective, they are just that.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to photograph them and put albums together that show their life cycles.

The birds and other predators left them alone because the milkweed plant has chemicals that are poisonous to the other birds and animals. They weren’t safe from my cousin however, because he loved them for his butterfly collections. More here.

The trailers for the Monarch Butterfly use different templates so be sure to check each for more ideas.

Trailer Sample 1 for Monarch Butterfly is rectangle-see that video here. Version 1? Notice the difference.

Trailer Sample 2 for Monarch Butterfly is also rectangle-see that video here. Version 2? Notice the difference.

Remember?A book trailer is a snapshot of your book

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