Abandon Writing Roadblocks, Enjoy Celebrating Your Increased Ability to Write

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Are your words coming quickly, or do you struggle?

When you sit down to write, what comes up for you?

Writers often have a problem. It is widespread?the dreaded stuck state.

Some refer to this as the blinking cursor on your blank page. It cannot be enjoyable when you would rather have words on the page, and the page remains blank.

Brainstorming helps the words flow to start. Please make this a fun project, not I have to have this book finished by ____.

You appreciate the “book completion.” Don’t let anything get between you and a finished book. Being successful means you know that your book doesn’t get published every day that writing isn’t making your readers happy and making you money.

Want to write the “right” book, the miracle book that sells itself with no effort. Goals are good, but you might find you are judgy about what you are writing and not very motivated to write.

Revisit why you want to write a book and think about your readers. Look at your methods for writing. Will those methods get you a finished book for your readers? If not, why not?

Possibility vs. probability.

Is there a possibility that even if you finish writing, some readers might not like your book?

What would happen if you approached writing with anticipation, shaping your story into the book of your dreams, getting help as needed to finish?

Is there a probability if you put out fewer books, enjoy writing less, or worry about results more, and feel like you were in a state of self-fulfilling failure? Probability is determined to hold you back.
You’ve probably tried looking for articles, coaches, mentors, courses, and books to help you write better and write faster. Information that you hope will inch you up the probability ladder until you can transform from the caterpillar of a struggling writer to the butterfly of a successful book author.

Have you ever checked what it feels like to write while focusing on the probability that you will fail? You’re right. It feels like pushing a giant rock up an endless mountain. If you are writing information but not experience, you will continue to struggle. Knowledge with experience is the only thing that transforms.

You’ve experienced the Possibility Path when your muse is happy when inspiration strikes when you’re in a state of flow.

It takes discipline and experience to keep yourself on the possibility path. Still, you do not have to do it alone.

Learning to write is a transformation process.

Build experience.
Try and keep trying.

Like learning anything new, you start small.

Give yourself these gifts:
The possibility you will write a book your readers will love
The possibility you have everything you need to write right now
The possibility that you can transform the raw clay of your idea, your scene, and make it amazing in one hour
The possibility that you can write your book the way you want to write it.
During this hour, guide yourself as you make real, measurable progress on your current writing project. While you are writing, you are enjoying and using your developing writing skill.

Pick a writing technique you would like to practice.

Be open to let your writing flow during your one hour while you write the next scene in your book. It will give you practice.

Take the first step. You can write-go for it!